CDPR should just buy this mod



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This mod allows you to be in the 3rd person while cruising around, but when combat hits the character enters into 1st person. Definitely this kind of implementation should be made, even release the "complete" edition with mod like this. Same goes for cutscenes. (Combat starts at 1:33)

This along with upgrade to traffic to do 2 things:
- When car is being stopped by a car that's considered vacant, the car would proceed to cross it like when NPC's driving are panicked.
- Bikes in the traffic

If only these 2 were added into the game, it would go from 9.5/10 to 10/10 in terms of quality in my opinion.
A few of the 3rd person mods have problem, the biggest one is getting stuck sometimes, there is a whole bunch of them; some give more wiev of the body when moving and looking down, others are more like these one. Since the game is now "finished" the mods are getting better and better, stability and bugs are becoming less of a issue.
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