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Challenger #4 Qualifiers

I was just wondering whether there was any information regarding qualification for the next challenger qualifiers? It was stated that the next challenger qualifier will be held some time in june with the top 50 pro ladder players competing however there doesn't seem to be any information on whether the qualification is based on ending this pro ladder season within the top 50 or whether there will there will be a cutoff sometime in July?

Surely it has to be a cutoff during July otherwise we would have been told about it considering it is only 10 days until the open qualifier cutoff. But i'm worried that such an early pro ladder cutoff for qualification would heavily favor the players more able to grind out games early.

Could someone from cdpr please clear some of this up?
When CDPR announces the players that are qualified, it's usually based on the pro ladder ranking the day before the announcement.
Yes but the position of those players needed and the date they need it by are usually announced beforehand. This has not been done yet for the challenger qualifiers.

EDIT: The post is talking about the announcement of the date of the cutoff not the actual qualified players, ofc they cant announce the players qualified before the cutoff
Yeah, as i said, I've read that and there's no cutoff date for the challenger 4 qualifier, only the open qualifier.
Alright I get it now, but that update doesn't say that this qualifier is supposed to be in June - it's in July. So it seems you are a month too early here.

Also keep in mind that the Challenger is sometime in August.
Yes that's the issue, most people seem to think that ending this season within top 50 will get you into the challenger qualifiers.

Seems weird that there's been no information about a cutoff a month before the cutoff is due.

I'd just like some confirmation that ending top 50 this season is not required for the qualifiers.
I'm sure they'll post an update once CDPR is ready. Right now all we know about Challenger #4 is that it's sometime in August. Once all dates are settled, I'm sure we'll know more. Patience please. Around E3 things are usually pretty busy.
I'm fine with waiting for an announcement, but when half of pro ladder thinks that ending top 50 qualifies this season qualifies you with no official announcement that that is the case i kinda wanna make sure that isn't the case since it would rly suck to not to play in the qualifiers due to lack communication.