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15.2.2022: I am not going to continue this thread now that questions are answered in the Flurza podcast instead of TWiG.

Anything that's inside brackets [like this] is my own addition, usually a clarification or additional information. Not anything that was said by someone or written by a question author.



1. March 2021
2. April 2021
3. May 2021
4. June 2021
5. July 2021
6. August 2021
7. September 2021
8. October 2021
9. November 2021
10. December 2021
January 2022
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March 5th (VOD unavailable)

Q: Who is the better GWENT player, Burza or Slama?
A: Slama.

Q: When is Dagon expected to return to GWENT?
A: Not very soon, he is not on the radar right now. But he for sure might return some day.

Q: Short-term evolution of draft mode?
A: Thinking of ways to add progression and rewards, adding more content, tuning and updating card packages.

Q: Old Journeys, or at least their cosmetics, ever returning?
A: Journeys as a whole might not, but it might be cool for content from previous Journeys to return in some ways. Nothing concrete.

Q: More merch designs?
A: Probably yes (Displate, t-shirts).

Q: Faction challenges returning in the near future?
A: Format was stagnant and underperforming, not that much participation from players. Focus now is on different type of events (holiday events, Yaruga bridge event).

Q: Next "Thronebreaker" when?
A: No plans for such.

Q: More advertising for the game?
A: Social media ads are the focus.

Q: Plans to remove old cards to make way for new ones?
A: Card pool is not big enough to require rotation, no plans for rotation for now. Adding new cards is more important.

March 12th (VOD unavailable)

Q: Improvements for the VS screen?
A: Some things will probably be adjusted, but nothing large-scale planned.

Q: More lore/story stuff in the future?
A: Journey stories will return in the future.

Q: Why is Ciri with fox tails OK but a castle with a snake's head is not?
A: Internal lorekeepers called the snake head too high-fantasy.

Q: Cerys as a leader?
A: No plans for now.

Q: Expanding e-sports support?
A: No plans for changing current, official format. Would like to see and support more community tournaments, ideally between nations. Might add different types of tournaments to roster, but not for now.

Q: Reworking Prestige 9 reward?
A: No plans.

Q: Default cosmetics for factions?
A: A cool idea.

Q: More animations for Legendary cards when played from hand (like Master Mirror has)?
A: Yes, adding more and more animation is planned. A time-consuming project though.

Q: Who is more powerful, golden nekker or Dagon?
A: Dagon is probably more powerful, although people are not aware of what a golden nekker is capable of.

Q: New unique leaders for draft?
A: Would not make sense.

Q: New faction-specific leader skins?
A: Focus is on neutral characters like Geralt and Ciri.

Q: Keg distribution for split expansions?
A: Too early to go into specifics, info coming though.

Q: Preorders for new split expansions?
A: No details yet.

Q: New factions?
A: No.

Q: Changing Echo cards, especially Oneiromancy and Amphibious Assault?
A: No plans.

Q: Any hope of more dual-faction cards?
A: Maybe, maybe not.

Q: Young Crones as cards?
A: Would be cool.

Q: Bringing back beta GWENT?
A: No, no, no.

Q: Satisfied with the current number of players?
A: Yes.

Q: Some tool for observing friends' games?
A: Exists as an idea, but would be linked to the tournament platform, and that one still needs work.

Q: Do developers look at custom cards created by community members, or are new cards strictly developers' ideas and designs?
A: Developers' ideas. Devs have lots of background and experience with card games.

March 19th (VOD unavailable)

Q: Brazilian dubbing coming back?
A: No.

Q: Adding Arabic language to the game?
A: No. Not adding any new localizations.

Q: Any leek about the next Journey?
A: No.

Q: Roach as a Leader?
A: Would be a fun idea, but will have to wait and see.

Q: Expanding aspect ratios support?
A: Nothing planned.

Q: More skins for existing characters?
A: Focus is on adding new Leaders.

Q: Passiflora girls (from avatars) as cards?
A: Many avatars don't have corresponding cards, and it's not a problem.

Q: Deck codes or some other way to make deck sharing easier?
A: In the future probably possible to build a deck on the site, instead of in-game, and then import the deck into the game. A better card database also planned for the site.

Q: Reworking daily quest system?
A: Something that is being looked into.

Q: Lower transmute costs for premiums cards?
A: Not going to change.

Q: Olgierd von Everec as a Leader?
A: Not in the near future, at least.

Q: Community custom cards featured in TWiG?
A: Possible to have such a segment, but would take a lot of time.

Q: Yaruga board returning?
A: Possibly in the future.

Q: Which is more powerful, a golden dragon or a golden nekker?
A: Dragon, because nekkers are small and don't really do much.

Q: What is Shupe's favourite ale?
A: Something with elf and onion in it.

Q: Plans for events similar to the Yaruga board one?
A: Possibly.

Q: Possible to finish contracts for supporting faction during faction challenges?
A: Contracts are something that's being looked into, updating and dealing with non-functioning ones.

Q: Plans for cardbacks for Northern Realms kingdoms?
A: Cool idea.

Q: Getting updated rewards if an already unlocked reward tree has its rewards changed?
A: Whenever something is changed, goal is to redistribute everything to players. If rewards get upgraded players who already unlocked them are normally compensated.

Q: Ability to set any stage of an evolving card as favourite card?
A: Interesting idea, but not planned.

Q: Non-premium version of Tactical Advantage?
A: Unknown.

Q: New Leader abilities for the year?
A: No plans.

Q: More faction mastery contracts and rewards (cardbacks, borders, etc.)?
A: An interesting idea.

Q: Updating music during matches?
A: Not right now, but there are plans for music. Will take time though. Plans to bring back the old music, but that requires reworking it to work with the new version of the game.

Q: A new Burza rap?
A: Maybe one day, would be cool.

Q: Ifrit art was leeked during 2020 Masters, but is it ever coming to the game?
A: Might happen.

Q: Adding border and avatar names, plus a search bar for them?
A: Trinkets need work. Trendy Gwentleman is a good unofficial resource.

Q: Once the pandemic is over, possibility of a tournament held in the Welsh county of Gwent?
A: Would be cool.

Q: Neutral Devotion?
A: Would need a loooot more Neutrals for that.

Q: Regional pricing changes?
A: Regional pricing is problematic and it's hard to find balance, because exchange rates change constantly.

Q: How many GWENT players are there?
A: A lot, and the number keeps growing.

Q: Preorder skins, like non-demonic Gaunter, ever coming back?
A: Maybe, maybe not.

Q: New class cards only usable with certain Leader abilities?
A: Unknown, but a nice idea.

Q: Gascon Leader skin returning to shop?
A: Maybe.

Q: A Round of GWENT Zoom edition?
A: Would be cool.

March 26th (VOD unavailable)

Q: Plans for Thronebreaker on Android?
A: Still in development, almost ready to be shipped when the time is right.

Q: GWENT for the Switch?
A: No plans.

Q: Reworking standard boards?
A: No plans. Would rather add new boards than change existing ones.

Q: When will three-row GWENT return?
A: Never.

Q: Possible to update GWENT Observer to show currently played decklists from
A: Thinking about updating Observer, but it will take a lot of time.

Q: Will the upcoming gamemode have puzzles like Thronebreaker does?
A: It will have cool stuff. Cannot say anything for now.

Q: How are new cards and abilities selected for expansions?
A: First, a general theme is needed for the expansion. Building briefs for cards around that theme, based on the briefs cards go to art design, briefs taken into account in creating the cards and their abilities.

Q: Updating GG button to have more meaning?
A: An interesting idea.

Q: Adding ability to control Leader movements during matches, using the keyboard (shaking head, crossing arms, etc.)?
A: A cool idea.

Q: Why was there no new Ciri card in the Way of the Witcher expansion?
A: Ciri already has several cards, and there are no unused arts for her. Also, trying not to add cards for main characters.

Q: More Shupe plushies in the store?
A: Plans to update store with more merch and new stuff, but also restock existing items hopefully soon.

Q: Angry Mob archetype?
A: Could be interesting, but would need more cards for it to be possible.

Q: Will there be reveal campaigns for split expansions?
A: Reveal campaign will most likely stay the same.

Q: Adding ability to see which units are from the starting deck and which are Created ones?
A: An interesting suggestion, passing on.

Q: After the pandemic is over, plans for real-life meetings for GWENT fans?
A: Hopefully yes. Tournaments, viewing parties, at least.

Q: In-game chat?
A: No, because people can be really not-nice.

Q: Adding tags to tagless Neutral cards?
A: No plans for adding faction-specific tags for them, but if a card doesn't have a tag it will probably get one at some point.

Q: Plans to expand expansion-added mechanics (Scenarios, evolving cards, Devotion)?
A: Probably yes, but the idea was for each expansion to have a new type of card.

Q: Adding a delay setting to tournament platform, so that it's possible to have a public bracket on qualifications without spoilers?
A: No known plans. Tournament platform still requires a lot of work.

Q: Possible to enable Prestige 10 rewards for all players for a few days, like in the past?
A: Might happen, but too soon to talk about specifics.

Q: Plans to tie card drops to Journeys, like with Alzur and Madoc?
A: Likely yes.

Q: Walter Veritas Journey when?
A: Just after the Pavko Gale Journey. Really doubtful either will ever actually happen though.

Q: Will the Twisted World board return to the store?
A: It might, not sure how soon though.

Q: Game boards as Journey rewards?
A: A possibility.

Q: Why are GOG prices more expensive than Android prices?
A: Different platforms use different rates for calculating prices for specific currencies. It's something being attempted to be worked on, but standardizing is very very difficult.

Q: Jacques de Aldersberg Journey when?
A: Unknown.

Q: Plans to have game data on Android on an SD card?
A: Nothing known.

Q: Faction-tied characters (e.g. Dagon or Meve) as Journey characters?
A: There are a lot of ideas for Journey characters, and more are welcome.

Q: Any teaser about the next expansion?
A: It's super creepy and will have an awesome trailer.
April 2nd (VOD unavailable)

Q: Will hand Reveal return?
A: Probably not in the old form, no known plans for now.

Q: Will boards from last year's Open return to the game?
A: Most likely no. Plan is to keep new boards coming for Opens.

Q: New boards to spend Meteorite Powder on?
A: Probably.

Q: Way of the Witcher characters (Ivar, Gezras, Viy, etc.) as Leaders?
A: A cool idea, but would be hard to create models for them based on the existing art.

Q: Plans to make the beta coin into a vanity item?
A: Noting down, a cool idea. The beta coin, however, doesn't look as good as the new ones that are in the game. [Updated on May 21st.]

Q: Old Arena returning?
A: No. Draft mode will be updated and improved.

Q: A genuine wooden board skin?
A: An interesting idea.

Q: Will Cerys: Fearless return in the near future?
A: Not in the near future. Cerys is a fairly requested Leader, so you never know.

Q: Why has the official GWENT Instagram account not been updated since August?
A: Instagram will start getting updates again in the future.

Q: Do developers get inspiration from community-created custom cards?
A: Designers probably don't go through those, they might see some of them though. They do occasionally get inspired by community feedback or suggestions.

Q: Witcher 1 dice poker board as a game board?
A: Could be interesting, but no information.

Q: Deck tracker in ranked or at least tournament games?
A: No.

Q: Improving match history panel?
A: Maybe in the future, but not a priority.

Q: Ability to complete incomplete past Journey contracts?
A: No.

Q: Why do the team hate NR so much?
A: They don't. No faction is hated by the developers.

Q: Possible to have the Adrenaline highlight colour as an optional feature?
A: Maybe.

Q: Will Rience be in Nilfgaard?
A: No answers about him or where he's going to be.

Q: Seasonal mode with friends?
A: Would be a cool feature, but is not on the priority list.

Q: Regulating casual mode so that meta decks are not allowed there?
A: No.

Q: Regarding the CDPR roadmap outlined on March 30th: will there be more people involved in developing GWENT and/or its e-sports?
A: GWENT team is constantly growing, will keep doing e-sports on-site once the pandemic is over. GWENT team totally separate and do their own thing.

Q: More character trees coming this year?
A: Most likely yes.

Q: 60 fps on Android when?
A: No information.

Q: Pavko Gale cosplay when?
A: Could be nice.

Q: Neutral vampires?
A: No.

April 9th (VOD unavailable)

Q: Match history viewable on Twitch?
A: Not for now, at least. Observer needs to be worked on and improved.

Q: Is the male/female alteration between Journey characters intentional or just a coincidence?
A: Coincidence. Characters are usually chosen based on how popular and prominent they are.

Q: Is the GWENT team too small? It sounds like you want to do a lot of things but don't have enough resources or people to do it?
A: There is always a lot going on, and prioritizing is essential.

Q: In addition to Burza and Slama, which members of the GWENT team are present in cards?
A: Many people. Might be able to do compilation of them for a TWiG.

Q: Hotkeys for viewing deck, opponent's graveyard?
A: No information.

Q: What would the community need to do to make a new Witcher Tales realistic?
A: There probably isn't anything they can do.

Q: Radovid Leader tree?
A: Probably not a priority.

Q: Another week of "Patience is a Virtue!" seasonal mode?
A: It might return.

Q: Plans to revisit seasonal tree rewards?
A: Yes, probably will be looked into and trees generally still a work in progress.

Q: What is the plan for releasing animated tokens?
A: For now working on animating tokens, idea is to make most of them and then think about how to distribute them.

Q: Plans for changing menu music from what it currently is?
A: Possibly. It already was modified for April Fools'.

Q: Disabling animations or increasing turn time limit for Battle Rush?
A: Something needs to be done with animations (adjusting, improving, shortening), in the future.

Q: Ciri and Yen birthday event?
A: No information yet, but coming very soon.

Q: A Syndicate themed cosplay when a new Open or Masters happens after the pandemic?
A: Would be cool.

Q: Making the sketches the Syndicate Beggar sells as in-game avatars?
A: Maybe.

Q: Updates to Northern Realms Siege cards?
A: Currently looking into Northern Realms and changes for the faction. Something might come in the near future.

Q: A Journey season where you can pick one of the past Journeys to finish?
A: Probably not.

Q: In-game match history?
A: Not planned for now.

Q: Adding old music back in?
A: Planned, but requires a lot of work.

Q: Essi Daven card?
A: No information.

Q: Faction-specific coins?
A: Would be nice.

Q: Reaver Hunters coming back?
A: Unlikely that they'd return in their old form, at least.

Q: A GWENT art with Geralt and Regis kissing?
A: No. Very unlikely internal lorekeepers would approve.

April 16th - no TWiG.

April 23rd (VOD unavailable)

Q: Will the next Journey character have anything to do with the expansion?
A: No.

Q: Is it still possible to get "Challenger" and "Keen Observer" titles with new Twitch Drops?
A: No.

Q: A new beta style seasonal mode with different deck rules (e.g. three copies of Bronze, max 4 Legendaries and 6 Epics, no hand/board limit)?
A: In a way yes, but bringing back beta as a seasonal mode in the current game could be confusing and weird. Not keen on the idea.

Q: Will it be possible to record or download the game played?
A: Third-party software can do that, but not planned as a feature in the game.

Q: Do REDs feel the support of GWENT players?
A: Yes. Aware that community provides strong support and has their back, also comes up with cool ideas.

Q: A new seasonal mode where at the start of the game all cards transformed into Uma's Curse?
A: An interesting idea, passing on to the design team.

Q: Plans for single-player content, not necessarily like Thronebreaker?
A: Recommended to watch the latest roadmap video. [Timestamp 1:02:36]

Q: Any more detailed information about the matchmaking system; why is it sometimes so slow to find opponents, especially in unranked?
A: System is quite complicated, lots of maths involved. Would need to take the question to someone who knows more about it.

Q: Burza's favourite voiceline, besides "Juiciest leeks in town, get them here!"?
A: "Water is a poison."

Q: A "jurassic" themed expansion, with dinosaurs or Witcher universe "equivalents" of them?
A: No. Lore purity is important, although lore is sometimes bent a little. Mixing universes would be weird.

Q: Beta "Dammit!" taunts coming back?
A: No known plans of such.

Q: Burza's favourite main menu music variation?
A: The shitty/epic flute one from April Fools'.

Q: Possibility to choose main menu music from existing/old ones?
A: An interesting idea.

Q: When will be the new Twitch Drops system be ready and active?
A: It will be tested during the upcoming Open.

Q: Any new information about how cards from the next card drops can be acquired?
A: Explainer video in the works.

Q: Possible to rotate the ornaments in Shupe’s Shop more often, like once a week?
A: An interesting idea, but might not be possible to have them change weekly. Biweekly could be possible.

Q: Will anything be done about contracts that are impossible to complete (old Journeys, faction challenges)?
A: Planned to try to adjust those in the future.

Q: What would the community need to do to get Battle Rush as a permanent mode?
A: Variety is always good, and it's preferred to rotate the modes.

Q: Any teaser about Sunday's video? Will it be expansion/Journey/patch related.
A: Should, to some extent, touch upon all three.

Q: Journey about a specific faction?
A: No. Journeys are built around characters or themes.

Q: What is at the top of the priority list?
A: No details, but most important things include monthly updates, balance patches (one faction is being worked on), next Journeys, next expansions, and something teased in the roadmap video.

Q: How is the GWENT team doing?
A: Fine, and hyped for the Open.

Q: Autochess in the Witcher world?
A: Not planned.

April 30th - no TWiG.
May 7th (VOD unavailable)

Q: Gascon Leader skin returning to Shupe's shop?
A: It will be available again at some point.

Q: More Displate designs?
A: Still on the radar, but no details yet.

Q: Possible to make a video that documents the process of designing new cards?
A: They've wanted to do it, but it would be a difficult process even once working from home ends.

Q: Remaining old Leader cards returning in a future expansion or as a mini card drop?
A: Uncertain, for now at least.

Q: When will draft mode get more updates? [In addition to the ones in update 8.5; question was old.]
A: Still coming, it's just taking a little bit more time. Prizes or some other incentive to play the mode coming for sure, card packs will also get attention; draft will be evolving. Won't end up like Arena.

Q: Excluding Scenarios from the "Patience is a Virtue!" seasonal mode?
A: No promises, but passing on to the team.

Q: Tavern Board returning to Shupe's shop?
A: Maybe.

Q: Which part of card design usually comes first? Mechanic? Design? Theme? Character?
A: Normally, theme and story -> brief -> art -> mechanic. Building around at least arts also happens.

Q: Adding a conversion system or trades between players (e.g. 2000 scraps = 1 Reward point)?
A: No.

Q: Alternate artworks for existing cards (e.g. Meve)?
A: Alternate arts might come as cards, but no promises.

Q: Supporting thematic decks, i.e. a new keyword similar to Devotion but for specific archetypes like Wild Hunt, Svalblod Cultists, Dryads, Elves?
A: Not planned. Interesting idea.

Q: Interactions between cards, e.g. playing a Geralt card on a board with Roach would have Geralt say a unique line to/about Roach?
A: Currently there are higher priorities than things like interactions between cards, but would be cool to have in the future.

Q: Why is Skellige Storm not a Skellige card?
A: Good question.

Q: Will Allgod become a Leader skin or an avatar? When will he be buffed?
A: Making him into a Leader is an interesting idea [said without enthusiasm]. Buff time unknown.

Q: Do the team take into consideration suggestions made by the community, not necessarily about cards but quality of life?
A: Yes. A lot of changes have been made based on community suggestions, and all are taken into consideration.

Q: Additional ways to spend ore?
A: Nothing at least for now.

Q: What was causing the forced draw bug on the first day of update 8.5?
A: Some cards were causing the issue. Everything is always tested before updates go live, but sometimes things slip through cracks and with a live server things are always different than in internal testing.

Q: On Android, many players would benefit from the ability to move the game's data files to an SD card. Would this be difficult to do on the developers' side?
A: It's quite difficult to do. Thinking of implementing it, but would not be an easy task.

Q: Making faction Leaders as adjustable as Journey characters, or maybe even have them as Journey characters?
A: Cool idea, passing on to the team.

Q: Expansion soundtracks coming to Spotify?
A: No. Each expansion only has one theme track, and you can find them on P.T. Adamczyk's YouTube channel. [Link to his GWENT playlist.]

Q: Explainer video about how to get cards from mini expansions, when is it coming?
A: Probably this month, when the reveal campaign starts and a website is set up.

Q: When will Scoia'tael be buffed?
A: What's wrong with Scoia'tael? It could maybe be buffed a little bit.

Q: Leader skins planned for character who had taunt voicelines in beta (Dandelion, Iorveth, etc.)?
A: Not right now.

Q: Why does Triss have so many backpacks in her Journey?
A: Because she's moving away from Geralt. It's only team Yen, and Triss is always packing and moving out.

May 14th (VOD unavailable)

Q: Improvements to trinket management and organization (search box, groupings, etc.)?
A: Something needs to be done for sure, but no clear plans yet.

Q: Improvements to deck management in the deck builder (e.g. sorting by faction or Leader ability)?
A: Not at least right now, but a good idea.

Q: Why wasn't Dana's Love Goddess skin available on Steam when it could be purchased on GOG, Android, and iOS?
A: Unknown. She will, however, return again in the future (Valentine's Day).

Q: Default Leader skins for constructed decks, like draft mode already has (e.g. Francesca instead of Filavandrel for Scoia'tael decks)?
A: An interesting idea, passing on for sure.

Q: Music as an additional type of cosmetic?
A: Actually already on the radar, but a very early idea.

Q: Changing Triss's 3D model's posture so it doesn't look like her back is broken?
A: Probably not. Also disagree that she looks broken.

Q: Another art book in the future?
A: Possibly, but no promises.

Q: Animation changes to basic Leader skins, like Journey characters have?
A: Preference is to add new stuff rather than go back to change what already exists. But the animation team is known to go in and out things, change stuff around. All in all, not off the table but also not super high priority.

Q: Usurper getting hair, at least in his Officer art where he's younger?
A: An interesting idea. Would be nice to have him with hair.

Q: More and/or updated controller support?
A: Controller support is being worked on. Not super high priority, but will happen for sure.

Q: Is there a chance for a real event in the game (e.g. faction challenge or similar)?
A: Faction challenges would be cool to have again, but they would need to have a different format to make them more interesting than they were.

Q: Plans for quality of life changes in the near future (queuing actions, a more detailed match history, seeing Banished cards in the graveyard)?
A: The biggest quality of life change currently worked on is [he told viewers to not tell anyone, so I won't ;P], and after that priority probably showing more stuff on the board (e.g. cool effects and general eye-candy). Detailed match history keeps getting suggested, so will probably pass it on.

Q: Dragon buffs, or more love to Dragons?
A: No idea. Currently the most important thing is the upcoming expansion and the cards coming with it.

Q: When will Slama play the game again?
A: He already plays it all the time.

Q: When is the expansion reveal campaign starting?
A: Soon.

Q: Updates about Thronebreaker for Android?
A: News coming very, very soon.

Q: Will Triss ever get an NR card?
A: She might, she might not. No idea.

May 21st (VOD unavailable)

Q: Will there be Twitch Drops for watching Masters like there was for the latest Open?
A: Yes, and also a Divination Challenge.

Q: Is Sigismund Dijkstra being the only one without a story in the Reward Tree intentional or a mistake?
A: More likely to be a mistake.

Q: Reworking the versus screen, e.g. adding back the green smoke dissolving effect and not have the screen change straight to the gameboard?
A: Would be cool, but would still need to think about how to do it.

Q: Adding an option for replacing Yrden with one's favourite card in the "Play" card in the main menu?
A: Would be cool, and is already on the radar.

Q: Adding music from previous events and expansions, and/or Witcher 3 as unlockable or purchasable cosmetics?
A: Still need to figure out how to go about adding music to the game.

Q: More cards with deckbuilding restrictions, like Shupe and Radeyah?
A: Interesting question. No real information.

Q: Would it be possible to upload TWIGs on YouTube?
A: Possibly, and making a new channel instead of spamming the official one. [Even if this happens I will keep updating this thread.]

Q: Are there plans to expand mechanics like evolving cards and Scenarios to existing cards?
A: Possibly, but cannot promise anything.

Q: Is there a chance that we might see the lion-headed spider cult from the Witcher 1 in GWENT in the future?
A: Maybe, maybe not. Cannot say for sure.

Q: Banning specific (problematic) cards from seasonal modes?
A: Thinking about it, but instead of banning cards would be nicer to change seasonals to prevent such scenarios.

Q: Why is there no ball dress for the Triss skin?
A: Because it's Triss.

Q: Any idea how revisiting old Journeys will work?
A: Not yet.

Q: Is there a chance for a tab or panel with important news and current bugs to appear in the game?
A: Would be difficult to implement.

Q: More faction-specific Leader skins, or skins from Thronebreaker?
A: Adding Thronebreaker skins is not as simple as taking them from Thronebreaker and adding to GWENT, because the latter has changed a lot from what it was when Thronebreaker released.

Q: Is it possible to become an official GWENT partner by creating content other than videos and streams, e.g. written articles or podcasts?
A: Yes. Just need to reach out; everything will be looked at, going case by case.

Q: Observer doesn't display boosted cards in deck or like the Enslave number of the NG leader. Will this be fixed?
A: Most likely not.

Q: Ability to see all cards on the website?
A: Being worked on.

Q: More HUD options, streamers have trouble finding a good place for their webcam.
A: No.

Q: A "save for all" option for deck cosmetics?
A: An interesting idea, but not something on the radar at the moment.

Q: When is the explanation video for the card drops for the upcoming expansion coming?
A: Early next week.

May 28th (VOD unavailable)

Q: Another art contest?
A: Yes, one is coming soon.

Q: Will all Price of Power cards drops have the same amount and quality of cards for each faction?
A: That is the idea.

Q: Adding cosmetics to deck builder?
A: Might make the deck builder too cluttered.

Q: Plans to use The Witcher: Old World board game to advertise GWENT, with flyers in the game boxes?
A: Cool idea, noted.

Q: Will more arts from the first art contest be turned into cards?
A: No.

Q: Possible to get a bundle for Price of Power that only contains the trinkets?
A: Would be tied to how old Journey items could be brought back. More information probably around World Masters.

Q: A way to preview Leaders in-game like in the selection screen.
A: Could be interesting, but would be difficult to do.

Q: What does Vincent van Moorlehem say in his Nilfgaardian voiceline, and what is the translation of said voiceline?
A: Will need to check.

Q: Any plans to tell us the story of Falibor and Milaen?
A: No.

Q: Burza's favourite Price of Power reveal so far?
A: The Witchfinder.

Q: Any plans to do something for players who've reached Prestige 10 level 60 and completed all Reward Trees?
A: Possibly, but will take time.

Q: New Reward Trees for the first Price of Power drop?
A: Maybe. More details to come soonTM.

Q: Any news about Twitch Drops for World Masters?
A: More info about the event coming next week.
June 4th (VOD unavailable)

Q: A Round of GWENT coming back?
A: No.

Q: Radovid board (non-frozen ship board) coming back?
A: Maybe.

Q: Trailer for the expansion when?
A: When the expansion launches, so on June 8th.

Q: Will it be possible to buy kegs with scraps again, or will there be some other "scrap sink"?
A: Kegs for scraps for sure isn't coming at least for now.

Q: Any lore or extra info, maybe even Leader skins, coming about/for Way of the Witcher witchers and the School founders?
A: Probably not. Usual practice is to not go back to stories and characters introduced in a past expansion.

Q: An option to look at cards without gameplay information (power, Provision, etc.), to just view the art?
A: Not planned.

Q: Plans to introduce a(n alternative) graveyard cardback?
A: Not planned right now, but you never know.

Q: Possible to improve performance on Android?
A: It's an ongoing process, but no guarantees.

Q: There won't be a new faction but if there were to be, what would it be centered around?
A: There have been a lot of ideas, for example Zerrikania.

Q: Is there are a chance of GWENT streams with someone from the team, similar to what Paweł Sasko is doing with Cyberpunk?
A: If there is interest, could be a possibility. Two very different types of games though, so the exact same kind of stream difficult to do.

Q: Options to zoom out and get closer to the board?
A: Not on the radar right now.

Q: Any plan to reduce the minimum number of game to unlock full MMR?
A: No.

Q: Plans for new Reward Trees?
A: New trees most likely coming with the expansion release next week.

Q: Why expansion kegs in November and not in October with the third mini expansion?
A: The kegs will become available with the third mini expansion.

Q: Any chance of new loading screens with this expansion, like there were with Way of the Witcher?
A: Don't think so, but would need to check.

Q: Why didn't Triss cards get buffed when Triss's Journey started, when some of Yennefer's cards were buffed at Yennefer's Journey start?
A: Buffs for those cards might be coming later. Balance team most likely didn't see any problem with Triss cards, and didn't buff them due to that.

Q: Any new info about Draft?
A: Still in a work in progress, and current main focus is the expansion.

Q: When can we expect a new Burza rap?
A: Hopefully soon; would need to do it at the studio and not at home office.

Q: Will the Gaunter O'Dimm skin be back?
A: Still looking into how to bring back stuff that was only available for a limited time.

Q: Will there be any leeks during Masters, other than the card reveals?
A: There will be a developer stream regarding the upcoming update.

Q: Any plans to bring GWENT to older Macbooks?
A: No plans.

June 11th (VOD unavailable)

Q: Will faction badges return to the CDPR store?
A: Probably will produce more and stock up on them, but there is no Syndicate one so that would need be made.

Q: Did the speeding up animations require fundamental changes to the game?
A: Perhaps not fundamental, but it did require a lot of work, and the team behind the changes did an excellent job.

Q: Why isn't Vaedermakar a Druid?
A: He hasn't become one, but that might change at some point in the future.

Q: Why can't Saskia be for Harmony what Braathens is for Assimilate, triggering Harmony twice in one turn?
A: Card abilities are not set in stone; things may or may not change in the future.

Q: A Twitter poll about Cloggers and/or Viper Witcher Alchemist, to see what people think about them?
A: Not a fan of doing community polls about balance things like that unless something is really a problem; the balance team know what they're doing.

Q: When will there be a TWiG with someone from the balance team, like has been said there might be?
A: With balance questions you can hit up Molegion and Jean Auquir on Twitter; they answer a lot of questions there.

Q: Will the Game of KIngs bundle [from the Iron Judgment expansion] return to the store, and/or is it possible to make old bundles available so new players can get them too?
A: Still fishing for ideas on how to bring back old bundles and cosmetics.

Q: Any chance of a Thaler voiceline where he's teaching trolls to swear?
A: General rule is no swearing in GWENT, with PFI being one of the few exceptions.

Q: Triss: Butterflies rework when?
A: Don't know. Maybe soon.

Q: Any plans to add Francesca Findabair art/lore/cards?
A: Maybe.

Q: Any plans to add a toggle for the Adrenaline effect [even after its current bug is fixed]?
A: Don't really see any reason to.

Q: Why doesn't the Penitent Leader skin have any voicelines when the Penitent card does?
A: It was a design decision.

Q: Any chance of folders in the deck builder, for better organisation of decks?
A: Probably wouldn't make much sense, and even make things worse because there would be too much going on.

Q: Card leeks for August?
A: Nothing yet. The next Open may be a good opportunity for some leeks, though.

Q: Any experience boost events?
A: No known ones.

Q: Will it ever be possible to choose which row Stratagems go on?
A: Nothing planned, but it's an interesting idea.

Q: Any updates on the premium tokens?
A: They're being produced.

Q: When will Renfri be added to the game?
A: Maybe soon, maybe not.

Q: Are you aware about deck builder not showing card with tags that have accents in some languages?
A: Yes. Those things will be fixed.

Q: Observer fixes?
A: They're coming.

Q: Any updates on Draft mode?
A: You can expect some information on that. More stuff is coming.

Q: Will recommended cards for Leader ability choices be updated?
A: Yes.

Q: Why not start events earlier than 4PM Warsaw time when they can be really long?
A: To have them take place at a reasonable hour for more people.

June 18th - no TWiG.

June 25th (VOD unavailable)

Q: Will GWENT be featured on WitcherCon?
A: More info about the event is coming, won't say anything more now.

Q: When will it be possible to set the second and third stages of evolving cards as one's favourite card?
A: On the radar, but no dates set yet.

Q: Will the game have rotations?
A: Currently no point in having any.

Q: More Defender cards?
A: Not sure if a good idea.

Q: Possible to lock the selection of vs. AI or vs. player on the Training mode screen?
A: The system will be mode more user-friendly in the future.

Q: Will Observer be fixed to show correct Patience values?
A: Observer has a couple problems right now, working on fixing those.

Q: Any plans to change the cursor from the hand?
A: Would be a shame to get rid of it.

Q: Will there be sets of premium cards from past expansion in the store, like there are for Price of Power?
A: No.

Q: Does the small rarity icon on the Leader trinkets mean something or is it just random?
A: Don't know.

Q: When will Barnabas-Basil Foulty appear in the game?
A: Could not tell even if had the information.

Q: What will be done once there are too many cards in the game.
A: May need to think about rotation, but no need for now.

Q: Will there be other big reworks like Northern Realms in the near future.
A: Not right now, at least.

Q: Any leeks about quality of life changes coming in the next patch?
A: There probably won't be anything major on that front.

Q: Any ETA on when Observer will be fixed?
A: Not yet.

Q: The Price of Power board looks a bit blurry on PC; a bit higher resolution for it coming?
A: Will look into it; not the first such comment about the board.

Q: More dwarves?
A: Maybe, maybe not.

Q: Improving deck importing so it always uses premium version of cards when you have them?
A: On the list.

Q: A Pride title for Pride month?
A: Something like that, such as a rainbow-coloured border, possibly for next year. Would be nice to have.
July 2nd (VOD unavailable)

Q: Possible for Runestones to become Neutral cards.
A: Most likely not.

Q: Why not fix bug with Dead Man's Tongue and Cintrian Envoy with a hotfix?
A: Not game-breaking or super serious bugs, so no need to.

Q: A Kaer Morhen location card?
A: A good idea.

Q: Were Masquerade Ball's voicelines removed on purpose, or is it a bug?
A: Sounds like a bug.

Q: Adding on-demand cosmetics?
A: No.

Q: Will inconsistencies with "Spawn" and "Spawn and Summon" be fixed?
A: Updating cards' wordings is an ongoing process.

July 9th (VOD unavailable)

Q: Improving Training mode by adding options to customize the AI opponent?
A: Probably not high on the list.

Q: When will draft mode get changes?
A: An updated version is currently being tested, but won't come with the expansion.

Q: Updates to the tournament platform?
A: Constantly being worked on, but currently expansion and Journey take priority.

Q: Improving the grass on the dandelion meadow board?
A: No known plans.

Q: Adding option to select Leader cards and tokens as favourite card?
A: Something more might be done with the feature, but emphasis on 'might'.

Q: Plans to bring back faction challenges?
A: Yes. Currently working on a faction challenge for Halloween, so nothing in the near future.

Q: Plans to add faction-specific Artifact removal cards?
A: No known plans of such.

Q: Why haven't there been mass tweaks of power and/or provision cost of Gold cards that don't see play?
A: Cards need to be looked at one at a time, so it's not that simple.

Q: Leeks anytime soon?
A: Reveal campaign for the next card drop will be coming later this month.

Q: Opinion on toxicity (nerf this, buff that, etc.) in the community?
A: It's not toxic to want changes to card, and it happens in every card game community.

Q: Bring back "Play of the Month"?
A: The show was dropped because it didn't perform as well as it was intended to, plus there is the Great Dandelion Show.

Q: Redania cardback, coin, and a Radovid reward tree when?
A: No solid answer, so not saying anything.

Q: Alternate art for cards as event prizes?
A: Alternate arts might be done in the future, but emphasis on 'might'.

Q: New Leaders coming?
A: Through Journey, so yes.

July 15th (VOD unavailable)

Q: Neutral archetypes, or being able to have viable Neutral decks?
A: Probably not.

Q: Clearing up what 'base' refers to ('base power' vs. 'base copy')?
A: A good question to send the designers.

Q: Buffs to Firesworn in the near future?
A: Difficulty to say. Maybe. ST probably the faction needing buffs the most at the moment.

Q: Where is the extra leek for counting to 1000 in Gwent Open?
A: Counting in chat during tournaments is prohibited, and will reduce leeks rather than increase them.

July 23rd (VOD unavailable)

Q: Will there be cards that block Locations and Scenarios?
A: Probably not. Would be really restrictive, and probably need to have different abilities for melee and ranged.

Q: How far ahead does the team plan future content for the game?
A: Usually at the start of year decide what the goal is for that year, but things are adjusted along the way.

Q: Any chance of honouring Pajabol and Kolemoen with card arts, like many CDPR employees have been?
A: Not planned at the moment. Was a consideration at one point, but not anymore.

Q: Chance of Torque receiving a card?
A: Maybe. An interesting idea.

Q: Sunset Wanderers getting tweaked in the next patch?
A: Would need to check the patchnotes to be sure, so not saying yes or no.

Q: When will the expansion cardback be revealed?
A: Probably closer to the expansion release date.

Q: Is GWENT doing well this year?
A: Yes, very.

July 29th (VOD unavailable)

Q: Making the number of Leader skins per faction more equal?
A: Passing on, and agree it would be nice.

Q: Changing the animation for moving a card to the top of deck? Currently always shows animation for putting at the bottom of deck.
A: Passing on.

Q: Jacques de Aldersberg Leader skin?
A: Maybe, maybe not.

Q: Option to convert Reward Points into other resources?
A: Probably not that easy to do. Might think about it.

Q: A previously mentioned revamp and permanent additions to the Reward Book still planned?
A: Yes.

Q: When will the Price of Power cardback be revealed.
A: Very soon.

Q: Patch coming on Tuesday, is everything smooth on the devs' side?
A: Yes.
August 6th - no TWiG.

August 13th - no TWiG.

August 20th (link to VOD)

Q: Chance of original Gwent art making a comeback?
A: Most likely not. Standards and specs for the art are so much different now than they were then that could be necessary to redraw them.

Q: Is there a possibility to offer a discount for players who've purchased an expansion faction pack and later want to purchase the expansion pass?
A: Most likely not.

Q: Will the old cardbacks from the Seasonal Reward Trees be brought back to the shop like they had been before?
A: Probably not those cosmetics, but some other things will for sure be returning in the near future.

Q: Is there a chance to get option to change titles in the Polish version from male into female versions?
A: Wouldn't be as easy as a toggle, but is a good point that has been brought up multiple times.

Q: More detailed match history?
A: On the list, but not a super high priority.

Q: Aretuza loading screen as an animated wallpaper, or a card in the game?
A: Card probably no, wallpaper is a cool idea but will need to check if it can be done.

Q: What is the current state of faction challenges?
A: There is a challenge planned for later this year, but it won't be a faction challenge.

Q: Adding more skins for old Journey characters?
A: Probably not.

Q: An option to randomize vanities (board, cardback, etc.)?
A: Not planned, but if there is interest it might be possible to implement.

Q: More music tracks becoming available?
A: Probably yes.

Q: An in-game sandbox mode for creating puzzles?
A: No known plans.

Q: Being able to search for decks containing a specific card in the deck library on
A: Would be cool, but no known plans to do it soon.

Q: An option to add comment sections on decks listed on
A: Probably not. People tend to be very negative in comment sections.

Q: When will it be possible to play the seasonal modes in friend matches?
A: Not planned right now.

Q: Possible to implement a network performance graph for the player, which shows total latency, frametime, and buffer size, in order to identify connection issues before the player is forced to forfeit?
A: Would need to ask about that.

Q: Fixing visual effects on cards like Morkvarg and Tuirseach Skirmisher so that it doesn't seem like they're summoned directly from hand when they're discarded?
A: Probably something that may get fixed in the future.

Q: Will players get a fresh set of seasonal trees next year or still have the same ones?
A: Seasons will probably be done differently next year, more information coming later.

Q: When are premium tokens coming?
A: Still a work in progress, but they are coming.

August 27th - no TWiG.
September 3rd (VOD unavailable)

Q: More custom cosmetics planned for the Shupe skin?
A: Yes.

Q: Plans to remove Reward Trees in the near future?
A: No known plans. If trees do get removed at some point players will be notified well in advance.

Q: Toussaint journey?
A: A cool idea. The next two Journeys will feature characters rather than locations.

Q: How does card testing work?
A: A long, mostly internal process.

Q: Harmony buffs?
A: ST cards in the upcoming card drop will be quite good.

Q: How many people are there in the GWENT balancing team?
A: If counting designers only, 8, but there are also QA people, who do a lot of the testing, in addition to that.

Q: Plans do to meta shakeups on a more frequent basis, like weekly?
A: No plans for at least weekly shakeups.

Q: Plans for a rework or restrictions for the Lock mechanic, so that cheap Bronzes can't disable expensive Golds?
A: No.

Q: More challenging challenges with bigger rewards, e.g. "Play 500 cards" rewarding 1000 scraps?
A: A good question, but can't say yes or no.

Q: Premium kegs being temporarily purchasable for scraps coming back?
A: Not planned.

Q: Will there be more row-locked units?
A: Yes, but not ones that are fully row-locked.

Q: Has the principle of faction cards being better than Neutral cards changed?
A: No.

September 10th (VOD unavailable)

Q: Any chance a for board cosmetics setting that's like "Defender" except that default faction board from the opponent would mean your board is chosen?
A: An interesting idea, passing it on.

Q: Is there a chance of something like a Q&A with one of the GWENT artists or developers, or someone from balance team?
A: Trying to get someone from design to come, or might have someone talking about the next expansion drop.

Q: When will Slama be seen again on a dev stream or something?
A: Hopefully soon, but he is quite busy at the moment.

Q: Any news about project Golden Nekker?
A: Still a work in progress, e.g. discussing story and scope, the latter of which has grown.

Q: Plans to update daily quests so that there'll be Syndicate ones?
A: Probably.

Q: Adding an option to hide incomplete old Journey contracts?
A: There might be a chance to go back to those in the future (probably next year).

Q: Adding an option to disable GG notifications?
A: What's wrong with getting a GG even if you lose?


September 17th (VOD unavailable)

Q: A better-looking versus screen?
A: Probably not something being looked into right now.

Q: Cards interacting with each other using special voicelines (e.g. Villentretenmerth when Eyck is on the board, or Geralt/ Yennefer when the other is on the board)?
A: Was an idea back in the day, but wasn't pursued further. Still a cool idea, though.

Q: Plans for the game's near future?
A: Will share more plans after or even before the next expansion drop.

Q: More cards using Rupture or Adrenaline.
A: Maybe, maybe not.

Q: Is there a bigger update planned for Draft mode?
A: Yes, and more info will come.

Q: Adding a counter to Reward Trees to show how many Reward Points are needed to open all nodes?
A: An interesting idea, passing on.

Q: When will there be a roadmap for 2022 published?
A: Probably in January. Still need to talk about this year first.

Q: Possible to get one Well Rested crown when losing 2-0 (with new limits in place to prevent forfeit abuse)?
A: An interesting idea, passing on.

Q: An option to listen to card voicelines while in-game, e.g. in the deck builder?
A: Probably not.

Q: Expanding statistics within the game, either built-in or allowing users to access the data themselves via an API?
A: Would be nice to have, but probably will not happen. There are some legal things connected to API and having it out.

Q: Possible to have the game on mobile devices support high refresh rates like 90Hz or 120Hz?
A: Probably not.

Q: Any news on old cosmetics in the shop, specifically the Geralt Leader skin?
A: Some information about Geralt might be coming soon.

Q: Evolving card phases as favourite card options?
A: On the backburner, but not saying yes or no.


September 24th (VOD unavailable)

Q: Is there any way deck links can automatically redirect us to a language we set as a preference?
A: Passing on to the team, and adding to a list of things that should be fixed.

Q: Is it a good idea to show the date/time when limited-time items leave the shop?
A: Could be a good idea to highlight those items somehow.

Q: is it possible to make the special animations for boards trigger every time you play some Legendary instead of those very specific cards?
A: Was thought about once, but it's hard to say if it will get added now.

Q: Possible to have the loading screen image as a wallpaper?
A: Will need to check back on that.

Q: Is there going to be a cardback Journey (e.g. 8 animated cardbacks)?
A: No.

Q: New version of website with API soon, to provide more information?
A: Due to policy most likely won't be sharing any more than currently. API could be misused if it were available.

Q: Plans to make Shupe's different versions more playable?
A: We'll see.

Q: When will the tournament platform be stable and correct?
A: Still a work in progress. Aware that there are some problems with it.

Q: Any updated about the next expansion, e.g. will it be two months from Harvest of Sorrow?
A: Difficult to say. Final reveal video will, in addition to HoS and update 9.4, talk about the rest of the year in general. Roadmap for 2022 probably by the beginning on the year.
October 1st (VOD unavailable)

Q: Bringing back Mystic Echo, with changes so that it plays a special card from deck instead of graveyard?
A: Passing on.

Q: Chance of Imlerith getting a rework to better fit the Wild Hunt archetype?
A: Passing on.

Q: Any progress on updating controller support (e.g. Journey menus)?
A: In the backlog.

Q: How many changes will be in the patchnotes?
A: Most will be covered in the Monday video.

Q: Could Slama show some sign of life, e.g. write a tweet?
A: Perhaps a tweet or something.

Q: What changes would you like to see in the game?
A: In-game communication regarding downtimes and such would be nice to have, instead of only using social media for such notices.

Q: Development for characters like the witchers and the Gail family?
A: No known plans.

October 8th (VOD unavailable)

Q: Reworking Triss: Butterflies into an engine card?
A: Can pass that on.

Q: Adjusting the "mute opponent's taunts" so that it affects a full game and not just the first round?
A: Maybe. Sounds like a good idea.

Q: Will there be economic changes in resources and reward trees anytime soon?
A: Trees will definitely get changes next year.

Q: Will the OST for GWENT be updated in the future?
A: Yes, it will.

Q: Will there be an option to choose your favourite songs in the menu?
A: Not right now, but maybe in the future.

Q: Addition to cards like Filavandrel and Gerhart to show what cards you can get from them at the value they're at?
A: Passing on.

Q: Has the idea to have draft-specific Leader abilities been scrapped?
A: Seems to be the case, yes. For now, the most important thing when it comes to draft is a better progression system and adding rewards.

Q: Is there a Redania cardback art, and if yes, could it be released?
A: Not known to exist.

Q: When will there be a clear roadmap for 2022?
A: In early 2022, ideally in January.

Q: Is it planned to add the option to play seasonal modes in friend matches?
A: It's known to be a popular request, but will have to see if something like that can be implemented, probably some time next year.

Q: Ability to buy Meteorite Powder with Ore?
A: Converting one resource into another is never good for the game's economy. [An exception is Ore into Kegs -- but that conversion is Ore's sole purpose.]

Q: Has the idea of "lending a deck" to a friend to introduce them to the game ever been considered?
A: It hasn't. A good idea.

October 15th (VOD unavailable)

Q: Will the number of events go up next year?
A: We'll see.

Q: Could top 16 qualifiers be streamed on the CD PROJEKT RED Twitch channel for more visibility?
A: [I'm not sure what to quote here, so I'll say that based on what he said it doesn't seem likely.]

Q: A big balance patch in October or November?
A: We'll see. The next update will come with a new Journey and an event, more about the latter during Open #4 (23.- 24.10.).

Q: An option to toggle off Leader auto-focus so that the game doesn't force using more than one charge at a time?
A: I don't think this is a problem, to be honest; you just click once and you don't need to click a couple of times.

Q: Why is there no avatar for Eskel?
A: Passing this on for sure.

Q: Adding duplicate protection (=preventing getting multiple copies of the same card), possibly only for Legendary or premium cards?
A: You can get resources from duplicates by milling them, and the game is already quite generous in this regard, so probably not needed.

Q: Are the trees that were planned to unlock card updates to starter decks still coming?
A: The idea seems to have been scrapped, and probably isn't coming back.

Q: Will there be more trees this year in general since there'll only have been one expansion?
A: Would need to double-check to be sure.

Q: Are buffs planned for cards that don't see play?
A: Yes.

Q: When is the next Burza rap?
A: Scripts for four raps exist, but nothing has been recorded yet. It's a side project, but something that will be happening.

Q: Confirmation for Dagon?
A: Can't confirm him, but can deny him.

October 22nd (link to VOD)

Q: Will there be trees dedicated to draft mode?
A: There will be rewards, but there's no known plan to have trees.

Q: A new flavour text for Gernichora, so that she doesn't share one with Bloody Mistress?
A: Passing on.

Q: When we can expect a spectator mode in the game?
A: Not something being looked into at the moment.

Q: Will the "Sacred Flame" card be getting an update?
A: No known plans.

Q: Is the Chinese version of GWENT running faster than the western version?
A: Not that I'm aware of.

Q: Are there plans to offer compensation for the suddenly shortened Journey?
A: No.

Q: Plans to put up for sale or in music streaming services all the new soundtracks that were released but are not included in the existing compilations?
A: When it comes to music on Spotify, P. T. Adamczyk is working on those and they should be coming soonTM.

Q: Will we see Slama before the end of this year?
A: Probably not; really don't want to bother him right now.

Q: Will the next Journey bring more new music?
A: I don't think there's music in there.

Q: Any new premium token to show?
A: Will need to go to that back and check what has been finished since last time one was shown.

Q: When will you fix the card image bug in the deck builder?
A: It's on the list of things to fix, but will take some time.

Q: Why was the Journey shortened?
A: Wanted to do the next Journey as soon as possible and have an event with the next update without needing to have multiple updates.

October 29th (link to VOD)

Q: Is there any chance for Masters 3 to be hosted offline?
A: It won't be possible.

Q: Are you afraid that Golden Nekker will become so large in scale that it becomes a standalone, like Thronebreaker did?
A: No, but should probably talk about the project soon and manage people's expectations.

Q: Have you considered adding an option to hear the voice lines for each card to the deck builder?
A: It was a consideration once, but the idea has since been abandoned.

Q: Brewess, Weavess, and Whispess as leader skins, and so that each round brings one additional Crone to the board (3 Crones in round 3)?
A: Cool idea, but there would not be space for all three of them at the same time.

Q: A customisable board, similar to how Leaders can be customised?
A: Would be interesting, but very difficult to do. Due to how the game is designed it's much easier to add customisation for Leaders.

Q: Do you have a plan for Leader Model that transform between R2 and R3?
A: Could be cool to have, will need to see if it'll be possible in the future. Regis has something similar, and the next Journey character won't really be transforming.

Q: Adding the ability to choose different music for each round?
A: This is a cool idea.

Q: Alternative arts for cards for either events or the shop, like there are alternative Leader skins?
A: Pitched this idea in the past, but the art team said no.

Q: Regarding the December card drop: there is only one unused, old Leader art for Scoia'tael, so will the other new Scoia'tael card have a new art?
A: I don't think so. Will let you figure it out. [It's not obvious in text format, so I'll add he clearly implied he knows exactly what art the card is going to have.]

Q: Possible to add a link to the Forums in the game menu, so that players can ask questions [in the AMA thread] more easily?
A: While that would make the most sense. However, TWiG format is probably changing and the show won't be just the same Q&A anymore.


That may be end of this format of TWiG. While the October 29th VOD is available you can check it out to hear what Burza said about plans for the show.

I will keep this thread going after the changes if it's still feasible to do so.
The show has been overhauled to some extent, and Q&A is no longer a main emphasis. Fewer questions answered, hence fewer answers recorded here.

November 12th - no Q&A.

November 19th (YouTube video)

Q: Possible to change Journey so that it advances from completing quests instead of round wins?
A: Would prefer to stick with the current system.

Q: Will there be a reveal campaign for the December card drop?
A: Most of the cards will be showcased at a big event at the end of the year [clearly referring to World Masters]. When it comes to reveals, trying to do something different this time, with card fragments [related thread here].

Q: Preventing losses caused by disconnects from removing mosaic pieces?
A: Like in other online games, disconnects happen and tend to be punishing in some way; it's how it goes.

November 26th - no Q&A.

Apparently TWiG episodes are now being uploaded to the game's official YouTube channel, which means they will be available even after the Twitch VODs expire. I don't know if this a permanent change, though. We'll see.
I've updated the link on last week's video so that it goes to YouTube instead of Twitch.
December 3rd (YouTube video)

Answers highly condensed due to how long they were. See the video for full versions.

Q: Will Defenders get the Doomed tag?
A: As long as they don't become auto-include, they're fine without it.

Q: Will Overwhelming Hunger gets back its third charge?
A: No. The charge should've been removed a lot earlier than it was.

Q: Will cards with similar abilities get matching provisions, e.g. Royal Degree vs. Call of the Forest, Sweers vs. Boris or Toad Prince?
A: The abilities are not the exact same, and e.g. Seize (Sweers) is more valuable than Consume (Toad Prince), plus Nilfgaard has more ways to enable Sweers than Monsters do for enabling Toad Prince. [Basically, balancing is lot less simple and straightforward than it may seem.]

Q: Buffing the Bounty archetype?
A: Will probably take a look at it in the future.

Q: Adding a keyword that makes it impossible for a unit to have higher power than specified with the keyword, similar to what Harald Gord got?
A: The Gord change was necessary for design space reasons, and definitely more of an exception than something that'd be actively pushed.

Q: Feelings on the number of playable decks and factions; plans to address the situation?
A: Variety is a key interest, because the more variety the better. Adding new content while keeping things balanced is not the easiest task.

Q: Are Korathi Heatwave and Yennefer's Invocation fine the way they are, or do they have a negative influence on deck variety?
A: They are fine.

Q: Was each Price of Power card drop tested/balanced separately or were all the cards available to test/balance from the start?
A: Separately.

Q: Changing Saskia to be similar to Braathens?
A: Would not want the cards to be identical. While that was a theme when Homecoming launch it's not something desirable anymore. Also, factions' tools should not be identical.

Q: What is the developers' opinion on the amount of control decks in the metas?
A: There aren't that many of them in the meta at the moment. Full-on control also isn't the easiest path to follow, and facing control as control feels somewhat weird.

Q: What was the thought process behind removing the gold immunity?
A: It was highly uninteractive, and the game isn't supposed to be about building your board without the opponent being able to do anything to it.
Additionally, when do you manage to pull of the perfect combo or gameplan it feels a lot better than it would if it happened consistently (through immune Gold cards).

Q: Can more risky cards, i.e. ones resembling beta cards, be expected in the next card sets?
A: Beta was a different world, and many of its interactions/mechanics (e.g. weather, Nekker Consumer, carryover dwarves) would feel "broken" now due to how crazy strong they are. Current direction also already is towards riskier cards.

Q: Are limited impact Leaders + strong cards a part of design philosophy right now, or will Leaders' power catch up to powercreep soon?
A: Leader abilities and cards are two separate "realms" now, so Leader abilities need to be compared to other Leader abilities rather than cards.

Q: Why an expansion that only supports one archetype instead of one that would support or enhance multiple archetypes?
A: It didn't only support one archetype; e.g. Nilfgaard got three very different types of card sets. Northern Realms got a new thing, so all three drops were needed to build it. Multiple archetypes do get supported, unless all of the new cards are needed to build a new one. Plus, everything can't be changed at once.

December 10th - no Q&A.

December 16th (YouTube video)

Answers mostly condensed again.

Q: Approximate size of the April card drop?
A: Around 20 cards, so bigger than the December drop.

Q: Plans to add ways to use excess in-game currencies?
A: Would still like to do something like that, but not in a way that it would exclude a majority of players (e.g. something costing a six-digit number of scraps).

Q: Some players already have an excess of Ore; how will the card drop system affect spending ore if there won't be separate kegs for them?
A: There's no "killer solution" that would allow efficiently converting ore into those cards, but some kind of ore sinks are in the plans.

Q: Will spectator mode be added to friendly matches next year.
A: No. That was never part of the original plan for spectator mode; the mode was created with the competitive scene in mind.

Q: Filters for the trinket pages (avatars, borders, titles), or at least a search box?
A: Already deep in the backlog; it's not a priority and requires time.

Q: Bigger patch notes with more details next year?
A: Impact over quantity; it's better to have fewer but meaningful changes than numerous but less meaningful ones.

Q: What is the thought process to decide which cards need adjusting?
A: Includes analysing data and players' comments; it's important to look at the full picture and from more than one perspective.

Q: Will Harmony and/or dwarfs get meaningful buffs (in the near future)?
A: On the list of archetypes that should get some help.

Q: How happy are you with the December card drop (and Price of Power)?
A: December drop, happy from both a subjective and an objective perspective. Price of Power, not so much; some things were pretty cool, but not everything went according to plan.

Q: Will there be a balance update in January despite the holidays?
A: Yes.

Q: Why isn't Ryan Godric a card yet?
A: A good question.

Q: What is the reason for going from four Opens to only three?
A: The idea is that every tournament should hype something up; in this case Opens and World Masters hype up card drops, which is why it makes sense to have three Opens next year.

Q: New Triss and Yennefer cards using the characters' Journey arts, like was done with Regis (Regis: Reborn)?
A: Could be a possibility, maybe.

Q: Any hints about what old archetypes are currently on the radar for some love?
A: No leeks for now, but there will be a video before the next update that will explain what is being focused on.

Q: For how long can the game exist and continue to be developed, based on statistics, finances, and so on?
A: For as long as players are playing it. The more the game is played, enjoyed, and supported the more motivation developers have to keep working on the game, and vice versa.

Q: Will Nilfgaard's mill archetype get reworked?
A: It's possible it should stay the way it is; it's not a completely lost cause but not particularly competitive either.

Q: Opinion on the idea that GG's would only give resources if both players send it?
A: Not a fan. GG is an optional, social element of the game and shouldn't be restricted like that.

Q: An option to randomise cosmetics before a match?
A: Same as the profile trinket page improvements: would be nice if time is found, not a priority.

Q: A way for players to create custom game modes and puzzles, some kind of an editor?
A: Would be cool, but rather complicated technically. No promises.

Q: Will there be more and/or more extensive in-game events next year?
A: There will be a holiday event launching next week, and for next year the usual ones (Love, Saovine, and winter holidays) are planned. While faction challenges may not be returning -- it's been too long since the last one -- some way allow completing faction challenge contracts is on the list.

Q: How will you keep players interested in the four months before the next card drop?
A: There will be various activities during that period, just not card drops, that will keep things interesting. Old cards being looked into will also mix things up, plus the next Journey will start during this period.

Q: Will Golden Nekker arrive next year?
A: There is a golden shine; something is coming from that direction.

Q: When will Draft be finished?
A: One can expect a notable update to Draft in January; the mode will be brought to the next level, but it won't be the end of its development road.

Q: Why is the game not being marketed more actively to make it bigger in the CCG scene?
A: The community worries about this more than CDPR do. The game is in a good place, even though it's not competing for the title of #1 CCG. Also depends on what metric is being used.

Q: Will the e-sports scene be seeing any changes (in light of the recent win-trading incidents)?
A: It would be almost impossible -- for any competitive game -- to completely root out such issues, but some changes are coming that should discourage players from engaging in such activities.

Q: How do you decide what should be nerfed quickly and what can wait for the next monthly update (Radovid in Uprising vs. Milva: Sharpshooter)?
A: There is a lot of observing, analysis, and testing involved, and it's better to take the time to do those things than rush ahead -- except when there is a clear issue with a card or an interaction (such as Radovid).

Q: What is the overall, big idea for the game, moving forward?
A: Priorities for next year are making the game more enjoyable, give a second life to cards and entire archetypes that aren't seeing enough play, improve on things that may previously been rushed on (fixing existing problems instead of adding new stuff that might bring new problems)
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