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Congratulations to wangid1, winner of GWENT Open #8!


Eight of the best GWENT players met in Warsaw this weekend for the final Open tournament of this GWENT Masters series... and it was wangid1 who left the city victorious! Even though it was his first appearance in an official GWENT tournament, he managed to claim a confident 3:0 win against a Polish player kams134 in the first match of Day 1. During Day 2, he defeated two of the tournament’s favourites – Molegion in the semifinal, and kolemoen in the final. Once again – congratulations!

Here are the final standings for the tournament:

Ni “wangid1” Lipao (China)

Ni “wangid1” Lipao (China) — $10,500
Benjamin "kolemoen" Pfannstiel (Germany) — $4,300

Damian “TailBot” Kaźmierczak (Poland) — $2,950
Maciej "Molegion" Kokosza (Poland) — $2,750

Alessio “alessio1996” Bouko (Belgium) — $1,250
Oleksandr “proNEO3001” Shpak (Ukraine) — $1,250
James “Green-Knight” Docherty (United Kingdom) — $1,000
Paweł “kams134” Skoroda (Poland) — $1,000
Impressive that he actually managed to get that far with a Monster list and a more usual Glustyworp Arachas build of all things.