Controller, please for the love of what is right make hostler weapon hold SQUARE (PS) or X (Xbox) not double tap Triangle/Y

This is a standard in pretty much every FPS that allows you to holster that holding the reload button holsters. Sure that button does dialogue/interact too but there is already buttons in game that have press/hold and in Triangle/Y case double tap too for holster. 3 inputs on 1 button when the hold Square/X input is open to use.

The real issue here is that with the 3 weapon slots you can easy skip a weapon with a double tap in switching, which allows you to go from weapon 1 to weapon 3 in an instant without using the quick menu.
As well as with the possible bug/no option to skip arms in the weapon load order, this would be a simple double tap at weapon 3 to skip weapon 4, (arms) and go to weapon 1. Or triple tap to go to weapon 2.
This again is a standard for FPS games with multiple weapons.
Thing is to IT IS ALREADY IN CP2077, you just have to delay your double tap a bit or it will holster the weapon.

Sure I guess the UI/UX guys at CDPR are probably all PC players at heart so KB&M only and don't understand how this is only a controller issue thing as swapping weapons is litterally as easy as 1,2,3 on PC.

Still rectifying this would most likely take half a day of some UI/UX devs time.
You already have keybinds in the game and on PC of course, and all that needs to be changed is bind holster to hold Square/X, change the tutorial and in game tips UI from one button to the other.
Probably simple to do it in an hour tbh as you would already have all the assets in the files, just a simple file transfer/swap for the UI art of the controller buttons.

Just for clarity sake, the issue itself if that trying to swap your weapons too fast will holster your weapon instead.
Swapping to holster on hold reload would sort this out. I guess double tap for the new weapon animation is perfectly fine to stay on double tap triangle/Y.

CP 2.0/PL is top tier now and with only minor game issues and jank here and there its in the best place it has ever been.
A simple UX issue like OP will just refine it.
UX is of course top priority.
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Also legendary ping should auto-scan everyone! There is no reason for the massive RAM hike for what is a barely used skill, hack devices through walls.
Scanning all enemies is a time sink, only something a stealth netrunner would want to do (I am stealth netrunning of course) so giving a perk at end game cyberware/quickhack that auto pings and scans them all to reveal everyones location would have been a perfect reason to have legendary ping quickhack.
On PC sure but console games are often stuck in the 1980s of not allowing simple things like allowing the player to fully remap their controls to their liking.
Well expect from a handful of games and specific genres like fighting games.
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