cops not reacting

I shoot gang members that are ATTACKING THE COPS... and the cops came after me only is this supposed to happen

also the cops ignore the gang members when they are shooting as well
Yep, cops aren't very friendly and mostly (always) react pretty badly to fire shots. They generally turn out hostile and well, they attack in priority the "biggest" threat in the area which obviously is you, the player.

So when it happen, avoid being involved... They didn't asking for help anyway. Simply enjoy the show and loot the rest (or finish the remaining enemies if cops died). And if you really want to participate, use melee weapon (blunt/blade) or even throwing knives, it should be fine, in theory.
That sounds correct. In essence, you're an armed civilian with no direct involvement firing at other armed civilians. In the real world, that would definitely result in an arrest, jail time, a trial ending in a guilty verdict for obstructing, endangerment, assault / murder, and vigilantism, then likely a fine, prison time, and/or probabtion. In Cyberpunk, NCPD just puts you in the ground, too.

Your services were not required, citizen.
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