Intervening in hostile situations on side of the cops still has them go hostile towards you

In general I like how the cops now react to you having a gun out or shooting, but I'm not sure it's really working as intended in regards to random hostile situations where cops are battling gangs. It used to be that helping the cops would lead to them thanking V. But with the changes, having a gun out at all causes cops to go hostile towards the player so both cops and gangs will just attack the player.

Even the sort of intro to these events (the scripted battle between the cops and tyger claws taking place right by where Dex Deshawn picks you up for the first time) has a tutorial message pop up that says you can decide to ignore or intervene. This implies that you should be able to intervene in these things. And killing one of the tyger claws has a tutorial message pop up about gaining street cred for doing so. This is why I feel like the cops getting angry with you no matter what, is not the intended outcome in this scenario. Before it was fun to get into these battles and help stop car chases. As good as the new police AI is, this part of it really takes away a lot of gameplay opportunity.
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