Cops need to be fixed!!!

Since last update it seems cops exist for only one reason in Night City: To go after V. They are very slow to react to activities by gangoons, if they even do so. But let V pull out a gun, even without firing it and the cops immediately turn against him/her. This is even if V comes to their aid when they are having a shootout with bad guys. They immediately turn against him.
Supposedly, criminals with a bounty are fair game, you have a right to eliminate them, but no, do anything against a gangoon and the cops are after you. Let alone if you are doing an NCPD mission, you are just doing what they arguably want you to do. Another problem, car combat, if you fire at all, same thing happens.
I know shaking the police off or even eliminating them is relatively easy, that's not the point. The point is that the game no longer feels normal. Cop reactions to V are wrong. I don't know why they did this, maybe to make the game more "fun", well it isn't. If you want to play the cyberpsycho and kill absolutely everything, fine, but at least the framework should work normally for those players who want to play a more sensible game. V is supposed to be a merc, a bit shady vigilante in NC who might do some dubious things, but who in general isn't inside the circle of what NCPD considers criminals. He/she actually works a lot with the cops, does a lot of stuff they can't. Cops in general should have an attitude between tolerant/friendly to V. When he helps them in a shootout or by taking down bad guys, they should thank him not turn against him.
Are you playing on PC? if so there are plenty of good mods for thar, also that gangoons go for cops too
The cop system has always been broken and is by far one of the weakest elements to the game.

Due to how little effort went into the system, CDPR may as well have just removed it all together.

Or better yet, V could have been some sort of undercover cop from the get go, thus no cops go after her/him.
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