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Metacritic only gave Cyberpunk 2077 a 91/100 and that's only the PC version! Imagine the scores for the ancient PS4 and Xbox One versions that have an overwhelmingly amount of bugs and they will certainly score below a 90 on Metacritic. CDPR were aiming for a 90+ game on Metacritic but the game is barely scoring that. I was hoping that Cyberpunk 2077 would tie Red Dead Redemption 2 with a 97/100 Metacritic score but I guess not. Even The Last of Us 2 got a better Metacritic score and it had a bad story! Also, the story is surprisingly very short and the IGN reviewer only finished the game in 20 hours! CDPR said that the story is only slightly shorter than the Witcher 3 but that's not the case, after all which I had a very bad feeling about anyways. I'm going to try the game for myself on December 10th and see how it plays out. Maybe I'll end up liking it a lot more than these salty reviewers. GameSpot gave the game only 7/10! What kind of ambitious game is this? OUCH!!! I'm so sad and shocked at the same time! I was expecting this game to be the best game to come out to date even topping all the Grand Theft Auto games!
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Imagine the scores for the ancient PS4 and Xbox One versions that have an overwhelmingly amount of bugs
reviews are based on early versions of the game, you can expect plenty of bug fixes and additional content to be released over the next few weeks/months which are not being factored into early reviews, also the console versions will get updates next year for improved performance on next-gen hardware, so if people are choosing to play on last-gen hardware whos fault is that? anyway PC will always be master race and in a year from now people will probably be modding the game, so sure the metacritic is all that matters
That Venture Beat review is, to put it politely, dodgy.

He says much of it works very well but the main complaint, as he sums up in the last sentence, is that the game didn't live up to his expectations because 'it just wasn't the promise made to me'.

Eh? What the hell does that even mean? He made himself a promise about what someone else's work would mean to him? CDPR made a specific promise to him?

Imho, you should judge a game based on what it is, not whether it matches up to your fevered imaginings. He seems to be saying that he expected a revolutionary leap forward in gaming and because, in his mind, it didn't live up to that he's judged it quite harshly.

I get the impression that if this was a game that came out of nowhere, he'd be singing its praises. Honestly, people are sometimes their own worst enemies when it comes to over-hyping a game...I expect that from players but not from a 'professional critic'.

Oh, who am I kidding? Most are just glorified bloggers. I just wish Metacritic could wean them out of the overall metrics.
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No matter how beefy the first day patch is, bugs will be there, i was expecting that. But it would be a real shame if they would occure constantly. It is a pity that it will be impossible not to stumble upon a discussions of the game, its story, endings and other stuff in several months if someone would want to wait untill more patches. And i believe i am unable to resist the urge to run it on 10th by now. Anyway, lots of games i like were quite buggy on realese too, but decpite my personal acceptance i hope CDPR would reflect on its development pipeline, marketing, e.t.c. As of now, i wont read reviews untill i'll finish the game once, im already know that im interested in CP2077.
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I'm rather curious about what they have to say but the fear of spoilers prevents me from doing so.
I still recall how spoilery was the Gamespot preview from the recent batch of previews.
Well. Reviewers are people too. Some may like the game more than it deserves some less. The only reviews I care about are Angry Joe's, ACG's and LegacyKillaHD. Still, only after I see the game personaly.
This makes me excited for the Enhanced Edition :p

Jokes aside, reviews seem to be about what I expected. Hopefully the shorter main quest is indicative of it being more reactive to your choices and actions, à la Witcher 2.

Aaaand game just finished preloading, looking forward to the 10th.

EDIT: Just for anyone hoping the Day 1 patch will iron out most of the bugs, I recommend checking out the blurb on the PC Gamer review:

We received a 50GB patch during our review period. CDPR referred to this patch as the Day 0 patch. When asked for clarification whether the patch will be what players were receiving at launch, a CDPR representative told us that the Day 0 patch is what people will be experiencing on launch day. It is the Day 1 patch, only different in name. More fixes will be rolled into the Day 0 (Day 1) patch, but we cannot specify exactly what.

Important to keep expectations for the magnitude of upcoming fixes in check. Sounds like what reviewers played is largely what players will experience on launch.
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Great but with quite a lot (not game-breaking) bugs and glitches seems to be the consensus among the 43 PC reviewers giving the game a 91 average on Metacritic so far :)
Looks like some reviewers are bringing up misogyny and trans issues. Knew this would happen. No other dev gets as scrutinized for this stuff. It's ridiculous.

Are they? I haven't gotten to those ones yet. Sadly, as you say, it's not a surprise.

You can say that a game is set in a harsh, dystopian world where life is cheap and where corporations and exploitation rule 'til you're blue in the face but they just won't hear it.
Since I don't want to be spoiled accidentally by reading any of those reviews,I have a question for those of you who have read some of them.Did the reviews specify the campaign length?
I've been reading a quick review by someone who was expecting to write a book about it (like he did for TW3) and couldn't restrain his excitment ( He finished it today and waited the embargo lift: he is disappointed, to say the least, and he's giving up on writing about it. He also strongly recommands to wait or even cancel preorders.

Too many bugs, and clearly the game does not target the same demographic as TW3: "a futuristic GTA with the subtlety of Saints Row without its humor...". Infiltration, driving, RPG, close combat, IA, gunfight: according to him, CP77 excels at nothing, and this goes from bad to average.
Among other remarks, he posted a screenshot of the map. This is the most unattractive map I've seen in my life and I've played a lot of Ubisoft games.
Well, and it appears there are dildos to find everywhere in Night City, as collectibles. Hm. OK.

Main french reviews so far:
Gamekult 7/10
JV.COM 17/20 "A shallow RPG and a weak FPS in a buggy astonishing world"
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German's Gamestar reviewers took very different approaches and came out with very different endings and story beats that changed because of sidequest actions.

They say it is a giant Deus Ex with a breathtaking world that - while offering different game mechanics - breaths the immersion of Gothic, Skyrim and Witcher 3. Crafting, loot and bugs are the biggest issues for them but emphasize that bugs did not impact their overall enjoyment (they took away 5 points from Valhalla's score for bugs).

Their main tester slashed AC Valhalla for being lazy, boring and with horrific characters and storytelling. He is absolutely blown away by Night City, saying it is more restricted at some points than you might think but more free in others but with some of the best stories and characters in the history of RPGs.

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