Cyberpunk deserves a movie really bad


After watching the new Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Official Cinematic Trailer nearly made me fall out of my chair I bet the haters are sitting there with their mouth dropped to the floor thinking to themselves how they lost horribly. I almost thought I was watching a movie rather than a Trailer for a game seriously you guys have blown people away with how good you have got with this game but I am begging you please consider in the future making a Cyberpunk movie from what i saw on that video with the dude in the train you people would get more people in the theaters than their has been in a single month....that shit was hell im not even going to say good that would be a insult compared tot he real word that could be used. Look i know you guys have alot of other stuff your working on but please you need to make a movie of this game not only would it make alot of people love your game it would [...]
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Someone is making it, it launched in 2 days :)

I love the idea of this. I said it in the fan video thread, but I'll say it again here:
wouldn't it be cool if completing a Cyberpunk playthrough unlocked a movie of your playthrough?
Just a slimmed down 2 hour cinematic that you could access via the main menu. You get your FPP game experience and then a lovely cinematic bonus to relive the whole thing from a different perspective.

Just a thought, CDPR devs.... :beer:
no thanks. We don't need to make a live action out of everything, let's just appreciate each medium - games, animation, live action. They already tried to adapt to a new medium with Edgerunners and that was one of the worst anime I've tried to get into. If you meant a CGI movie then that's just a different style of animation so basically we already got it in animated form. Things like Bladerunner and ghost in the shell already did it better. I'm not opposed to trying something new but if it's just going to be hype and no substance (much like Edgerunners was) then I don't really see the point.
I think a cool option would be if CDPR made the whole live action CP2077 movie in First-Person-View =
"GoPro-GamerVision", Like the 2015 Russian action film 'Hardcore Henry.


Chase scene:

Would love a Cyberpunk movie, it's my favourite genre. I know there are movies out there, but the whole background, tech and feel of the world Pondsmith created is so cool.

Also, might be a bit odd, but would like to see a Shadowrun movie too. Just CGI would be enough. Loved those games.
As long as CDPR doesn't rush it out the door like the did the game, then it might be good. ;)

Just look at Arcane; that's how you make good TV/film.
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The 1995 movie is :ok:
I actually prefer Innocence myself, although they're all real good, as well as SAC. My least favourite is (as I figure is the case with many) the live action movie from a few years back. I don't despise it and I'm willing to accept it as "a unique tale told in a copy of the same universe" (IE: Not existing in the same canon as other work).

What I dislike about the live action GitS is that it dumbed too many concepts down and explicitly explained things to the watcher. "I'm going to use 'mind-comms'" and referring to the tank as a "Spider Tank". The beauty of the 1995 movie, as well as Innocence is that "Things which the characters take for granted" are not explained directly to the audience. The audience were left to infer them and figure it out themselves. That cheapened the fictional universe for me and sucked out a lot of the flavour and style, which is what made the earlier GitS movies (I've never read the manga, so I dunno about those).
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