DLAA performance Drop with 2.02

I sent a ticket to tech support, with phantom liberty I got a 10 fps drop in a lot of places thats cool and to be expected. Next patch game performed the same. The 2.02 patch I start to drop well below 60 fps into the high 40 and 50's range.
I run the game at 3440x1440 DLAA+RT OD"Path Tracing"+Frame Generation, Basic settings like DOF/Film Grain/CA/Motion Blur/LF are off, everything else is set to psycho max. No I am not using DLSS Quality nor want to. I'm a retired AAA Dev & 3D Artist, I notice everything others do not, the blurry hair, frames not matching up on the eyes of NPC's, strange shadow anomalies, how DLSS downgrades a lot of things visually for me it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Ran benchmarks my system is fine, Windows 11 22h2 is fully up to date, Drivers tried the latest and the newest ones used DDU both times. All hardware has the latest bios/SDK/frameworks/firmware. I tried putting Cyberpunk 2077 on my 990 Pro and 980 Pro same results. DX Diag reports no errors. My other games have not changed this happened after the 2.02 update. System runs super cool so it is not heat.
Full system specs
Windows 11 22h2 full up to date.
I9 13900k
ASUS Rog Strix Z790-E
32gb 2x16 G. Skill Trident Z5 RGB
ASUS Rog Strix OC 4090 GPU runs at 27-65C 65c is in cyberpunk 2077 with my settings using DLAA drops temps to the low 50c range in other games to using DLSS.
ASUS Rog Thor II 1200w
Asus Rog Hyperion Case
ASUS Ryujin III 360 ARGB and tried my EK Nucleus Lux 360 AIO Both keep the cpu in the 60's and 70c range in cyberpunk 2077
35" Asus Rog Swift PG35vQ display.
2x Samsung 980 1TB m.2 stroage
1x Samsung 990 Pro m.2 OS and tried having cyberpunk 2077 on it
1x Samsung 980 Pro m.2 drive I moved Cyberpunk 2077 over to that didnt seem to help or change things.

I know I'm the minority with this game on how its ran, but I honestly think CDPR did something in the 2.02 update that is hurting performance with DLAA and the settings I use. I used to not dip below 60 fps here, then with the first patch it became 58 fps, now I am at 45-49 fps, with my settings with the updates you run into performance micro slowdowns once you dip below 60 fps. I submitted a ticket but yeah.... Honestly feel those who run the game at the same settings as me are the minority and it got overlooked in the patch. I was in the higher 50's in this area before 2.02 and was the only area I dropped that low, now with 2.02 I am dropping to the lower to high 40's depending on the time and what is going on in the game. So I am guessing with the 2.02 update the settings I use got overlooked because not too many people can pull it off if that is the case please fix it, or once again CDPR is working with nvidia in this never ending tech demo and is gearing up visuals for the 50 series in a year....


its a little blown out thanks to the windows 11 22h2 screen capture app not accounting for HDR and blowing it out.
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