Doubled achievement

Not sure if its a game problem or a GOG client problem but now all new achievements have doubled, (2 separate icons) and when I've completed the action required for an achievement, only one is marked as complete.
had to do some achievements again in new game save file - start one more time fresh game with skip option to get them. Same problem - not completed achievements are doubled sometimes triple if i completed it - it still show me completed icon and 2 not completed
Yeah got the same problem on GOG and i didnt get the new achievement like killing the Chimera.
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For testing, I installed the GOG application on my laptop. It turns out that there are no problems with achievement’s. So I uninstalled my version and deleted all the remnants from AppData\Local\ - I did a fresh installation and everything went back to normal. It turns out that the problem was on my side.

to get All the President's Men and Arachnophobia (Chimera) - i simple started new game skip to new expansion. Around 1h of playing i got both of them

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So, funny. Doing a clean reinstall solved the double-display of achievements.
Now, the list shows I have all the achievements unlocked.
But the global percentage is still 84%.
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