driving a car etc is extremely hard with keyboard/mouse

OMG yes, driving is a festering pile of shite in this game. This is a game in which automated driving (to a mark you set on the map for example) should be a thing, it even fits in the universe.
I have some issues riding a car with WASD keys and mouse to look around etc.

the turning to left and right just snaps too fast and doesnt smoothen to left/right when steering.

even GTA and some older games do this better, i do not want to play with a controller on my PC :(

I feel the pain. The cars turning snaps faster than some cyberhookers on Mr.Whiteys Speed.

Much love,

-The peskiest
I posted this in several places. Maybe it will shed some light on the problem.

The cars DO NOT steer realistically!! Imagine a vertical metal rod straight down through the middle of the car. When you turn the car to the right (D), the car just rotates clockwise around the axis of this metal rod. Another way to visualize this: When you turn right, the front wheel are angled to the right like this ( / / ). At the same time, the rear wheels are angled to the LEFT like this ( \ \ ). So the front of the car goes right and the rear goes left. That is NOTHING like real world car physics!!! It's no wonder that the car handling is so awful. Maybe they think all cars will have 4 wheel active steering in 2077. No body who is used to driving a car in 2020 would be able to drive something with 4 wheel active steering. It sort of reminds me of what it was like to drive a military bomb loader. It's a small, low vehicle (maybe 8-10 feet long and 3-4 feet wide) It's only a few feet tall and IT HAS REAR WHEEL STEERING!!! Talk about something hard to get used to... They really need to learn something about real world car physics and steering geometry.

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