Favorite companion from any game?

This is a very very hard question.

Love my KotOR(II) sassy/murdery rustbuckets T3M4 and HK47. But then most if not all of KotORII's companion's are great in their own ways - i mean you could totally optionally train all the human(oid)s as Jedi, if you had enough influence over them, how damn cool is that?

I also love ED-E, Arcade, Veronica, and Boone from Fallout New Vegas.

Garrus and Wrex and Liara and Tali - didn't care too much for the ones introduced after ME1. Honorable mention for Legion, maybe.

Morte - classic.

Kim Kitsuragi a strong new entry to the field of contestants.

I don't think I can pick a single favorite here.
Dominic Santiago.

My best friend and I spent many hours playing GoW. I always played Fenix. He always played Dom. In real life, he basically was Dom, minus all the lambent killing.

Honorable mention to Garrus Vakarian.
Serana / Skyrim
Serana dialogue add on installed
With mods that enable her to be bottomless with all her lady bits
Haven't played that many games with followers.
Haven't entered the world of mass effect or dragon age unfortunately (will get the legendary mass effect trilogy and the latest DA eventually).
Played skyrim and fallout but npcs in those worlds are really uninteresting, I kind of imagine their characters outside of what they say.

So I think I'll go with Yuna from Ghost of Tsushima or Ellie in The last of us 1.
Ellie in The last of us 1.
Not a bad choice :cool:

Not sure if I have actual _the_ favorite companion. I have had several good and funny moments with several companions, but it's really difficult for me to name just one. Or even few.

Unless I can say Roach. That horse is a legend in so many ways. Just not sure if counted as actual companion :D
Mass effect? Garrus. Him and Tali are GOAT. Garrus is my bro. My ride or die. And my favorite squadmate on the whole citadel.

Skyrim? Talsgar. Shout out to my fellow bards brave enough to travel Tamriel! Unlike those milk drinkers that lazily sit around taverns and town drunks all day.

Fallout 4? Pickman. My favorite type of antagonist. I always let him live. Even my most saintly of characters spare him so that he may further raise hell and spread chaos in his beautiful artistic way. Thanks for the knife, killer. I never use it but it's always in my inventory as a valued relic/collectable.

Dragon's Dogma? Mercedes is my favorite romance option, but Quina is the true GOAT. She does so much research and travelling for Arisen. She is extremely devoted to what she does and the other religious people there speak volumes on her hard work. She is going to go far. Best Friends for Life

Dragon's Age? Dorian. Just friends. Love ya Dorian. Like a brother. He's funny. I like that in a character. Varric is better, but I'm biased towards mages. And openly so. I picked Josephine for romance option here. Even got Red's approval.

Cyberpunk 2077? Viktor. He's so chill. Let's you pay your debt whenever. Helps you whenever you need him. I have a bunch of respect for him showing up at Jackie's funeral.

Fred is cool too. He's got a good thing going on. A gym. Decent part of town. The guy at the gun store next door to him is a good dude too. I like them but Viktor is MVNPC. Most Valuable NPC.

Animal Crossing New Horizons? Sterling. Blue bird with knight helmet. Was the first villager in my island two years ago. Went to my birthday party and still lives on my island. :beer::cool::ok:

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX? Caterpie, metapod, and peliper. I chose threeee! Bite me. Aside from your partner from the get-go, these are the three pokémon that believed you were innocent.

Hogwarts Mystery? Barnaby! My best friend. Good friend. Great personality. Always makes me laugh.
TW3: Yen, Ciri, Triss
TW2: Triss, Iorveth, Roche
KOTOR: Handmaiden, Visas, Kreia
HZD: Erend (not sure if Sylens can count as he's more of an advisor/intel guy)
Dragon Age: Morrigan and Leliana

That being said, I prefer going Solo
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