feedback And Suggestions towards the lifespan and updates of the game.

  • First off, more exploration and integration of things originally intended like northern California and Reno, even the area past Rocky Flats where Saul is Sent to his final fiery goodbye. More of the Metro tunnels that were abandoned during construction and are all linked together for longcuts or shortcuts to the other sides of the maps. Even the old Oilfields and Silverhand's body buried in an unmarked grave should be given a proper burial. Why care about a psychopathic murderous maniacal terrorist that blew up Arisaka HQ???? I know some are going to ask this question. I will Tell You why, He plays a critical and crucial role in the story Sure the game is a bit controversial due to the Science Fiction Alternative History and Future Dystopian Cyberpunk Thriller, but you literally have to look past this because this is actually what is killing the game. What Iam getting to is the Cancel Culture crap is literally blowing the game out of proportion and all this ridiculous trolling and bashing of CD Projekt Red, Cyberpunk 2077 and all other assets and games of the company has to stop. I am maintaining a professional stance by defending Cd Projekt Red. In my eyes, I still see great potential for the game.
  • Making the Train controllable and can go anywhere along the tracks and can create a chokepoint and or an ambush point if need be. After the Main mission where you have to find the card chip, you can control the train remotely from the console to do what you see fit like reenact one of your favorite scenes from Mad Max with the Train and Locomotive and others.
  • The tank can also be used again and driven and used again for wreaking havoc and sheer firepower if you need to permanently clear a location of enemies. This kind of reminds me of the Rhino from Grand Theft Auto that basically has no use in story mode but to clutter up and take up space and should be put to use after the main mission and also still maintained by the Aldercaldo mechanics and periodically fixed and welded. The Aldecaldo camp would be turned into a Permanent camp and would move to the abandoned cattle farm South of Town where the area is kind of flooded and pumps installed would keep the area dry and there would also be a proper communal shower/Bathhouse and Toilet buildings. This area is large enough for a permanent camp. Also, the Abandoned airport and hanger would be rebuilt, and supplies flown in from across the country from other Aldecado outposts and made a permanent staging ground for supplies for The Aldecaldos.
  • The Auto website will sell the Kaukus Heavy Military truck that has an improved rebuilt engine and transmission and is heavily modernized for sheer brute force and for running vehicles off the road and heavily armored and has a machine gun that is coaxial 360 degree turning radius (180 Radians ,2nd Pi or 6.2831853072 rad) for shredding anything that gets in your way and to put down trouble.
  • After Phantom Liberty is finished, you will get a call from Lady President with coordinates to an old forgotten supply cache and safehouse that is fully stocked and still has an armored SUV, that is monstrously armored not even a nuke could damage it; in the garage that is yours and another safehouse with a huge cache of weapons including the rocket launcher Panam used and a S.P.A.S. 12 Military along with some Cyberpunk 2020 weapons like the Royal Enfield LPA1 ,Militec .477 Boomer and a railgun.

  • Other general improvements and vehicle and bug fixes and the Metro tunnels also linked into DOGTOWN and the roof of the old arena along with other areas throughout the stadium fully accessible after completion of Phantom Liberty.
  • the Megabuilding 10 an Megabuilding 7 fully finished and everything open and elevator fixed, and crime scenes removed. Along with the Pawn Shop open and implemented into Megabuilding 10. And Jackie's Garage is yours so you can hire a mechanic to tune and customize your vehicles as well store all your bikes there too. There is a permanent shrine dedicated to Jackie behind the Bar where his mother visits quite often.
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