FEEDBACK: Clothing Items. Propose solutions here.

I'm sure there are others like me who find the 2.0 clothing changes a bit baffling.

Personally, I love that clothing mostly has no stats, except for items - such as tactical vests - where it makes logical sense. However, this introduces several issues:
  • Clothing rarities are pointless outside of disassembling for crafting materials.
  • It reduces RPG elements.
  • It reduces, and even eliminates, player choice. Why would I equip anything other than the few item types that do provide stats, when I can simply change their appearance anyway? For instance, I'm never going to equip anything on my outer torso other than a tactical vest, because armor is a useful stat, and almost no other outer torso items (e.g. jackets) provide stats.
  • It makes the Wardrobe less meaningful.
Proposed solution:
  • Re-introduce clothing mods to the game, but make the number of available slots depend on rarity. For instance, a blue jacket has no slots, an epic jacket has one, and a legendary jacket has two. This simultanously accomplishes the following:
    • Keeps clothing fundamentally stat-free, as CDPR wanted
    • Brings back lost RPG elements, while also letting players define their own stats in a way that makes sense in terms of logic and immersion.
    • Makes the rarities meaningful
    • Restores some value to the Wardrobe
This would be a very simple change for them to do, but would resolve what is - in my opinion - a major flaw in the current loot system.

Thoughts? Anybody has other ideas?
I haven't seen Street Cred make a difference to anything since 2.0, am I going crazy or is nothing you purchase SC restricted anymore?

Why not have vendors sell improved rarities of clothing and moddable clothing items that scale with the player's Street Cred, (I always felt this could also apply to other cosmetic items too, so you unlock more hairstyles, tattoos and cyberwear as your SC increases) but seems like a wasted opportunity in the game now.

Regarding clothing/loot. There really is no need for vendors not to sell random selections and making the player wait 24 hours to refresh their stock now that it's all 99% cosmetic. It's still frustrating trying to locate a pair of heavy duty biker exo-jacks.
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