Clothing drops seem to be bugged in 2.02

It seems like I find myself getting the same handful of clothing pieces from every chest I loot; sometimes multiples of the same piece in the same chest. Eventually I decided to actually start writing down the things that I was finding, and it appears to mostly be the following with a handful of others that I see more rarely:

Cotton Motorcycle Cap with Protective Insert
Steel Microplated Kabuto
Lightning Rider Reinforced Racing Suit
Polycarbonate Western Fringe Vest
Yamori Tungsten-Steel Biker Techgogs
Sturdy Synfiber Pleated Pants

I just ran around farming for about 15 minutes and came away with 6 of the kabutos and 3 of the pleated pants. Four of the kabutos were literally from two chests that were right next to each other, with two in both of them. Only once in a blue moon do I find different things around the environment.

Considering the fact that there’s hundreds of clothing items in the game, duplicates of the same handful should not be anywhere near this common. It’s really putting a damper on my wardrobe.
From those drops I'm guessing you're playing a Nomad? I had the same. Now playing a Corpo and getting constant suits and pants. They must have made them background specific, I'm guessing, but the lack of almost anything else seems to be a bit of a bug. I'm level 40 with 20 Int and yet to see a single netrunner suit, might have to go shopping for one.
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