Fingers secret files & messages on his computer. Anyone seen this ?

A while ago i noticed something after the fingers interrogation. When looking through his computer i noticed i could press the "admin" text. If you press it, a new tab opens where you can read some messages. you can also delete a bunch of files. Anyone knows the significance of this ? Has anyone tried this ? Sorry for not providing more screenshots. This is the only screen i had.

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Ooh, thanks for sharing.
I like Finn.

Lol, in 1.63, after first conversation. Lack backed up 365 days ago. ^^

Guess if you want some revenge, that is the time.

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I wonder what is on those files. Don´t think we can see for ourselves. I would´t want to delete those if there is incriminating stuff that could land him in trouble. Also, who is "m" ya think ?
I pushed the buttons. xD That is like over 60,000 files altogether. I doubt the game would be harboring the stuff, the farthest that might go is V copying it over. Tho, most probably it is all fairly mundane content, so prolly not.

My hypothesis is that deleting the files leads to Fingers being very sad after. Player can do ittt if they feel like hurting Fingers. Give it a try if you feel like it, my hands are tied in coming days due to corpo life.
I don't think deleting the files does anything, but the option to clear the schedule right above it allows you to see Fingers without having to talk to the dolls in the waiting room during the mission where you're trying to locate Evelyn.
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