First 2.0 impressions

So playing with 2.0+ for some weeks now and and I am not sure, to me it appears CDPR goes one step forward but two back.

Healing: who thought this is a better gameplay idea? Healing items recharging and appearing magicaly in Vs hand... very immersive. Well how about you add a usage timer, but the number of items is based on what you got in the inventory, no magical recharges. Still too easy? Give the items some weight (or similar limits) and reduce the availability at med vendors, not the players fault that every med vendor have a couple dozens of maxdocs and bouncebacks.

Grenades: yet another recharge crap, because grenades appear out of nowhere. Again give grenades some weight so players can not carry thousands of them. You can even limit them to like "10 per combat because everything else is in the backpack".

Ripperdocs: so they gave us a cyberware capacity ... to simulate cyberpsychosis, or what is the point exactly? But the realy bad part is, that now all ripperdocs are the same, all have the same inventory, so there is no need to go somewhere else, and worse of all, the available tier is tied/locked to players level... do not have the eddies yet, want that small bonus so want to buy a "green" tier cyberware? Well CDPR do not want you to, you are level 30 and you will buy the 60k purple stuff. So I had little use for cyberware till now, and now I am f...ed because do not have the eddies.

Autofixers: so previously there were cars we could buy, now in the same locations are kiosks where you can browse cars and buy them. For what, is that somewhat immersive, more usefull? There is, yet again, a mod that does it much better.

Vehiclefighting: Um playing for 2 weeks, there was one carchase with one combat. Great, that vehicle combat mod does it much better.

NCPD: So some gangers mug some civilians, two patroling officers walk by and... nothing. So I pulled out my gun, shot, some ricochet bullet (the perk is gone, all power guns have projectile ricochet now) hit the civilian, I got bounty on me and two NCPD cars appeared out of nowhere and started shooting, and here I thought this magical teleportation of NCPD is a thing of the past.

So I do not know. So far I am not impressed, not even a little bit. 1.63 with mods was more fun to play. Would actualy go back if it were not for the DLC.
no . buying grenades and healing items is just plain unnecessary and a time consumer , its good that they did the changes

car combat gonna be like that forever , but there are plenty of mods that let you use it much more

generalized most of the nit picky stuff which is good because MOST people found it extremely annoying and bad
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