For devolping team.

1st off I really love the game,the game is the most beautiful piece of art I've seen.
Really glad it's ironed out cause I bought it at launch and hung in there till it was fixed and played through it and beat it having to save it every 5 mins it seemed.8p
Just have one request and I'm sure you've get a ton of but I hope you add this,I would like to be able to emerge myself into it even more like beening able to sit down at a bar or restaurant and seat and order food to eat there or keep drinking at the bar without having to get up and repeat and it would also be soooo awesome if you could take your romance partner (panam in my case) out to places.
That would to me,let you unwined from adventures and do something different and come on don't hide nudity with wierd cam angles cause it's clearly in the game so show it,stop play peek a boo with it.
Also add brain dances back cause it was in the beta version when I was in it
Thank you for the game you've created and you will always have my support no matter what cd red.

Psn Soulvirus
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