Freedom of action for main NPC`s

Hey-hey, I came across such a situation that after completing the entire storyline of any NPC (I mean those with whom the player can have an romance, the feeling that this NPC was alive disappeared, because... his daily routine is rather meager (he just sits in one place 24/7). And the thought occurred to me that it wouldn’t be bad if the NPC didn’t just sit, but performed some simple actions, at the same time, it is not necessary to add any new actions to the game, will be cool if he just watches TV (or phone) / sits at the table / works on a PC / watches a braindance / or any other everyday activities (For example, Judy no longer appears at all in Lizzie`s after completing the storyline with her which is strange, because she works there).

I would like this daily routine to be generated randomly every day or depend on the time of day, for example, in the morning an NPC can sit and have breakfast, leave for business in the city by lunchtime, and watch TV in the evening and sleep at night. But there may also be weekends where he sits at home all day, but again, with randomly generated actions

Another thing I would like to suggest is to add to the game the ability to influence where the NPC with whom the player is building a romance will live or he will simply sometimes appear in the place that the player chooses (this will go well with what I proposed above).

Yeah, I realize that adding this as a spoken line of dialogue would be too expensive, so I have another idea for implementing this: do this in the form of a correspondence on the phone, let’s say the player went through the storyline of an NPC and he has an romance with him, and he gets the opportunity in his phone to send this NPC a message in which he wants to offer invite him to live together (starting a small correspondence about this) and a list of apportionments appears, of course those that the player has currently purchased and after choosing the appropriate option, the NPC will either look there sometimes, or move there to live, it doesn’t matter.

In my humble opinion, such changes would make the game even more lively, varied and interesting.
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Definitely a part that needs so much more life poured into it. They're so lively within the story itself and even text messages, but then become lifeless statues after everything is said and done. Even V's apartment decorations have more life in them :LOL:

But when I saw River's part of romance... I was mortified. Realized right then and there that the romances in the game were terribly rushed. He just sits there on his front porch, his sister is leaning against the air outside and her kids... her... kids... they actually freaked me out the morning after, it was nightmare fuel.

Went to their room to check on them, only to find them both t-posing (the boy half-way sunk into the bed) and both staring straight at a wall as if they're possessed.

A shame to have a game so rich with story and oozing with quality, but then entirely dropping the bomb on romances which are supposed to be a wonderful payoff and a meaningful attachment for V.
I agree with you. I hope that cdprojekt will make this universe even more alive. They did an exceptional job with the story. they ll have to improve on the open world and important NPCs. we will already see what GTA 6 does at this level, it will give us an idea for the future
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