GAS / FUEL Stations ! CHOOH2 MOD Suggestion

Hi all,

I 'd love to see a kind of gesture of CHOOH2 (Fuel) of our vehicles.

A simple hud indicator, and the use of the GAS STATION that already exist in the game.
It is a simply feature, but make a lot of immersion.

Suggestions :

V1 of the mod :
-Simple gesture, just stop in a gas station, add an action to fill the car with a fixed price. Like 200$, not caring if the tank of the car is 20% or 80%. Just a fixed price for a simple mod.

V2 :
-The price vary if the car is empty, or if it 50% or more, etc etc..

V3 :
-Different fuels available corresponding with the car you drive. Filling a THOTON COLBY C125 will not cost the same of filling a QUADRA TURBO-R V-TECH.

V4 :
-All price is corresponding with the ones on the CHOOH2 station, each station in the game have 4 different fuel displayed (REGULAR, ULTRA, PREMIUM, PLUS, GASOLINE) with each one a different price per liter. Making the price of the mod corresponding with the price in the station, using the correct fuel for each vehicle (Gasoline for van, truck, etc..) and calculate the emptiness of the tank of the car to keep the price in touch, will be the maximum of immersions.

Anyway, i will be happy with the V1 version.


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