Getting a script error after the 1.62 hotfix [20.04.2023]? See if your game plays after temporary deleting the following mods

Hey guys,

Just for those that get the script error, if you want to play, temporary move the entire script folder out of the Cyberpunk 2077 folder.

I have these mods, all in folder left in the script folder:

mod settings
let there be flight
in world navigation

All 7 together in scripts, the game give a script error. Each of them alone in scripts, the game plays. So yeah, a mod conflict.
Always the most difficult to find, let alone fix.

Please pass the word.

Cheers, chooms.
Game CTDs again after hotfix [20.04.2023]? Delete,

Let There Be Flight
Mod Settings
In-World Navigation

With all due respect for the modder.

See if your game plays.

Edit: Mod Settings has been updated.
Edit 2: In World Navigation has been updated.
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Just a quick note. For me at least, I needed to delete Mod Settings and then reinstall the mod, Just overwriting it with the new version did not work.
After deleting and putting it back into the folder everything worked fine.
If you encounter a script error while playing Cyberpunk 2077 with multiple mods installed in the script folder, try temporarily moving the entire script folder out of the game folder. Then, you can test each mod individually by placing it back into the script folder and launching the game to identify any conflicts. This is a common troubleshooting technique for mod conflicts in games.
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