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I came back to game after a long time. In fact, I last played before the latest patches. I couldn't even play and had to reinstall, update drivers and run as admin to get it work.
OK my problem right now is the game doesn't look as it used to be and I was wondering if someone can help me tweak the settings to get it better.
One, the game looks really blurry and fuzzy like too much antialiasing. It used to be crisp and clear. But I can't find an antialiasing setting. Anything I can do to make it crisp and see Jackie's skin pores again?
Two, too much interior fog. I remember I had tweaked it before so practically there was no fog in interiors, but I don't remember what I did.
Three, flies. I swear I never had so many flies. There used to be some near corpses or garbage (Barry's apartment was memorable in that sense) but now they are everywhere, all the time. First thing I noticed when I started the Nomad prologue, at the garage, what are those glitches on the screen? But it wasn't glitches it was flies. Is this some recent novelty, or for some reason I didn't see them before (my video card didn't support them or something :-D )? Mainly, please tell me there's some setting to turn them off...
It could be something with your ray tracing settings or if path tracing is enabled. Path tracing caused some really weird graphical stuff for me, so I turned it off and have RT set to ultra which looks pretty good. You may also want to change some of the fog settings I think volumetric fog might help with some of what you're dealing with.

Definitely check the RT/PT stuff though, PT made everything sparkle and shimmer, even clothing had like a weird glow to it in places. and the particle effects where all over the place just everything from flies to paper to maybe dust ? just floating all the time with no cause seemingly just stuff floating in the air no wind or clear cause of the effect like normally. Turning PT off fixed basically everything.

If it's not a PT or RT issue, check AA settings I know you said you didn't see them, but I'm pretty sure it's still there since 1.62 just moved, I'll need to double check my setting when I get a chance to confirm them.

Lastly are all of the Nvidia drivers up to date? and are there any mods installed, I know you said you updated the drivers, but I ask because I had some serious issues with the last update on my old pc. Like invisible guns, floating items, weird lighting and it was definitely a driver issues, and I thought I was up to date until I double checked it, kind of drove myself nuts trying to fix it in game and removing mods etc... and of course, with mods there is always a chance something somewhere is just acting wrong.

Also, if you're using an AMD GPU instead of Nvidia I've heard rumors that FSR has been acting up with the newest patch and may be worth disabling or tweaking to see if that fixes it, but since I'm not using FSR I have no idea how true those rumors are or if it's just fanboys talking trash :shrug:
I got some sharpness back by setting the DLSS sharpness all the way up to 1.0, although faces look a bit plastic. No luck with the fog tho, set for to lowest but still

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OK, figured it out. DLSS sharpness to 0.9 (a notch down from 1.0). Volumetric fog and volumetric cloud, off. But volumetric fog can't be turned off in settings, you have to do an .ini tweak. Game now looks perfect.
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Check for any weird settings it’s possible they have been enabled by default. Film grain, Motion Blur, etc.
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