Group combat responses

First, love the game. I'm on the third play through, just because its fun watching things in the world change. And fun playing V as different types of V.

One thing I love is, you have to think really tactically in order to beat groups on 'very hard.' using the ground, using cover, taking high ground, hitting from unexpected angles, etc.

its one of the best games for that, because the INDIVIDUAL behaviors of enemies are so good. And getting better!

One suggestion is, if possible, to program them also as a group? If for example there's a sniper in the group, as soon as anyone sees v, that npc should go to high ground. Also, if V has high street Cred and goes running at them, they should scatter. One should seek high ground, the rest should seek cover in places where V has to commit to attacking them one at a time, exposing his back.

If V then tries to take high ground, they should occasionally all start lobbing grenades at the roof where he is standing. (instead of rushing up the ladder, one by one. Which is fun, but, once you reach level 30 or so, it's sort of "ducks in a barrel")

If v tries to engage on the ground, as it is, its perfect- they try to surround him. But, as they do, if he runs at one of them, that one should run away back into cover. If the person V is targeting runs away, the rest have a clean line of attack and V will have to figure out whether to pick a new target or run away.

(edit: also, as it is now, if you attack a group, the melee characters tend to run at you, and the shotgun guys walk at you, asap. this basically lets you take out 'classes' of enemies at a time- V falls back, out of the gunners' ranges, and the melee guys , who are running at him, are easy targets. Then [especially if V is very cool] the shotgun guys are next in a straight up fight, but, V has the advantage. Then, its V vs the remaining gunners, who by now don't know what's happening or where V is.

Suggestion: once V has high street bred, the classes group together. 1 short range attacker (shotgun or melee) goes to the roof, to support the sniper, in case V tries to sneak up there. The other Short range attackers attach themselves to the gunners, and stay by their side. They move as a unit- if V tries to run in to shoot the gunner, the short range attacker charges while the gunner shoots back. If V tries to hang back and gun, the short range guy can hide for a while, and maybe circle around to v's behind if V's health drops too low.)

In general, its fantastic when you're fighting a group, and realize they're intentionally trying to get to your rear... so you can never stay in one place too long! Please keep it up!
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Interesting suggestions. I've always said [since the days of DOOM] that I'd prefer to see a game be smarter than just look better. Personally, I find that most groups in CP77 are pretty well set up for defense and V has to be pretty cagey about taking high-level groups on. And there's alway that one last guy that seems to come out of hiding to one-shot you when you your health is down after eliminating the rest of the group.

Improvements in game AI would probably accomplish much or all of what you suggest...the problem will be getting the balance right. There was an 'encounter' in Half-Life where the very instant you showed yourself from hiding, 20 enemies would simultaneously throw grenades at you with perfect accuracy. Not the greatest game mechanic, IMO.
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