Hair broken following 2.0

I'm posting this in hopes some of you will help me bring this to CDPR's attention with mass reporting as we did with the catch lights after 1.62. Most of the hair cards following the 2.0 update have been broken. Unfortunately the warnings to CDPR following the initial reveal of song bird interacting with V fell on def ears...
and they pushed through an update that brought problems for things that didn't even need to be touched. Really - that hair was 'okay' before. Often it looked good, but more importantly it worked and now it doesn't even with Path Tracing featuring RTXDI. You know, the thing that "just works".

In the character creator you will be treated to screen space contact shadows...
Great... All that bluster about Ray Reconstruction and we're treated to a downgrade on the back end.
Out in the open world it gets even worse. Mowhawk hair still works, but most of the others do not.
I'm not sure what they changed that would cause the hair meshes to no longer render properly, I can guess but it's pointless to do so honestly. Why it's even touched at all is a surprise as I don't see any new cosmetics such as hair or even cyberware.
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I'll start sending out bug reports once the expansion arrives, but yeah that looks ugly :D

From what little I've been playing around in 2.0 it's incredibly impressive how much they've done and really shows they've been fully focusing on reworking the game and the expansion, so hopefully now they'll start a massive bug squashing.

On a side note; I haven't checked, but have they fixed the eye reflections with this patch?
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