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Game should have been in development for at least one more year. I hope CDPR work on the base game as the state of it is just Alpha version, focus on this before you focus on DLC and Multiplayer please. The Devs obviously had a lot of pressure and internal management was forced to play certain hands that they should have folded, fear of backlash and even so far as fanatical threats caused this rush to release. At this point and time I enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 and can see the potential for it to be one of the greatest RPG games of the modern era the mix of gta and borderlands style gameplay meet dying light mechanics and crafting, add in the CDPR touch we love and you get Cyberpunk 2077. Since the nail has hit the coffin it's time for CDPR to take their Frankenstein and make it the best it was meant to be, again focus on the base game, rework and fix it first and foremost over the production on DLC and Multiplayer. If they do this and then flesh out DLC and Multiplayer after then we will not need to worry about those as much. I will not refund to continue to get analytical data from my gameplay to the Devs to increase the overall quality and submit feedback throughout these trying times. Have a Happy Holidays to all and be safe and healthy. To the devs who spent countless hours busting their asses to get this out to a somewhat enjoyable experience per story thank you.
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