Help with a crash during "Hole in the Sky"

Hey, everyone.

I'm sorry to ask for help but I've attempted to search through past thread posts but couldn't seem to find anyone having a crash in this spot here (unless I'm just dumb.) During the "Hole in the Sky" mission when Songbird operates the cranes to allow V to descend into the wreckage when I reach a certain part the game crashes. I'm not entirely sure what to do as I've verified files, attempted to run in different compatibility modes which I saw in a previous post might help some crashes, disabled cross-progression save, I don't have any mods installed either, attempted to go back from the earliest save I have (sadly it was the start of Dog eat Dog.) I've also reinstalled the game once so far. I don't really feel like redoing 20 hours of gameplay to get to where I was prior, can anyone give some suggestions?

I've gone through this small section a few times killing enemies, leaving them alive and running through, and taking it extremely slow to pick off anyone I can before advancing but every time 80m pops up for distance the crash happens.

Thank you for any help.
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