Higher levels shouldn’t lock us out of acquiring lower tier crafting specs from shops.

I can’t seem to finish The Heist with a level below 10… it’s always 10+. So when Watson finally ends the lockdown and I’m like level 11, ranged weapon shops outside of Watson are ONLY selling Tier 2 crafting specs. Yet, some melee merchants are still selling BOTH Tier 1 & Tier 2 specs, but not all the ones I’m use to seeing.

I like collecting specs so it frustrates me to no end that on a pre-2.0 level 30 Street Kid saved game file I have Tier 1 specs for things like various Batons, Nekomata, Chef’s Knife, D12 Quasar, Steel Pipe, etc. but can’t find these and other specific specs post-2.0 on my new level 11 Nomad. I’ve been to all the service places, skipped time to restock inventories, but no more specs…

Wth?!? Were they removed from 2.0? Am I just not leaving Watson at a low enough level? Why are they on an older character but I can’t seem to find them for a new playthrough…!?
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