Hotfix 1.04

PLEASE fix the absolutely game-breaking problems.

I am unable to launch the game still after hotfix running on steam. Even before hotfix, I was unable to launch. As soon as i hit play from the launcher it flatlines and gives a dump report.

I have read something about AVX support. Please patch it so users with non AVX CPUS can still run the game. An overclocked older processor can work just as good as a new one.

Really wanna love this game but it's really frustrating. I am considering refunding as 80 bucks for a AAA title is a lot to shell out during covid.
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Thank you for the patch on Playstation (PS5 here) so far the majority of crashes has now stopped for me however I am still getting them and I have now had issues where I cannot loot bodies or regina will not complete missions for whatever reason but I was able to go back to a manual save that I do before starting each mission or job an then complete it.

Still wish you gave us 4k textures on Playstation 5 because the images on screen just don't look good when your playing on a 4k HDR tv but using lower resolution textures or whatever its outputting. The video just looks hazy to me. Would like to see this made a priority rather than seeing you guys cater to xbox. This type of BS that you have seem to enter into a contract over I presume has knocked you all out of my favorite Studio, from now on your games are not going to be preordered from me.

I hate being negative about it all but you tarnished your reputation with this game being so buggy an not having 4k as an option an just by plain making a ton of errors.
well even after the patch im crashing in the exsact same spots on each of the 3 types, the nomad i can make it to right after the cutscean when you get to NC the very first time, the corpo crashes when i try to sit down in my bosses office like he tells me to at the very beginning of the game, and the streetkid i can get the mission to steal the car but when i try to leave the bar i get to the part outside where the first 2 guys are loitering AND then i crash again. i checked and i meet all the requs or better a bit so im pretty surte its the game not my comp. not surte if im posting this in the right place but i need to let someone know whats going on and my issues.
Quality of life

instead of double tap the movement keys to perform a dodge
I think it is more intuitive to make it [movement key AWSD] +[Double tap Shift}
What video card are using?
It's not their hardware, the game is poorly optimized. It forces the CPU into 100% utilization as long as you play and it never drops. This is a no-no and is a good sign this was not optimized much for PC. The Division 2 had the same issue a few months ago and it was fixed, as in it was not normal. As a test with every graphic setting as low as possible I can't get to 60FPS, 45-50 at most. The graphics card is hardly used and CPU seems to be doing everything. For more comparison I can max out everything in Doom Eternal. It maxes out the CPU but it drops like it should.
Don't know if that Has been adressed somewhere before but how is it that while downloading/installingtje Hotfix the game folder is already twice the size than it Has been before. 65GB ... Now it's at 122 GB and the Fix is stuck at 58% so weird. Especially annoying coz I will run out of space if the growth continues...

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Okay I'm a bit disappointed here. Had some high hopes for this patch, but unfortunately it introduced some new bugs that are much more noticeable than the ones I was experiencing with v1.03. Here's a list...

1. Forced 3rd person on vehicles: Now every time I get into a new vehicle, it forces it into 3rd person. No matter how many times I enter/exit a new vehicle it always forces to 3rd person.
2. More pop-ins: (pc info: RTX 2080 Ti + i7 8700 + 16 gb ram) [Playing on base ultra settings in 4K with RTX off + DLSS set to "performance"] I am seeing more texture and shadow pop-ins than before and it was absolutely terrible before.
3. Memory Leak: When I play for a long time (3 to 6 hours) the game starts to lag and I experience a huge loss in FPS compared to the first one to two hours of gameplay in the same areas.
4. Duplicate vehicles spawing: Just as the title says, two of the exact same vehicles spawning right next to each other while driving around.
5. NPC Issues: Many NPC's I speak to don't have lip-sync. They don't even open their mouths.
6. Clipping while in first person view on motorcycles: When in first person on a motorcycle while looking down, your viewpoint clips through the body and looks bad. It looks like first person view in the game is unofficial and like a first person view mod you would see with lots of clipping.

These were just found in the last hour of me playing. I will post more when and if I come across any more. To be strictly honest, these types of bugs are killing the immersion and experience for me and I would have rather they delayed the game another 4 to 6 months than release it in it's current condition. It brutally feels like a beta. I hate to say it, but CDPR just pulled a "Bethesda."
Please make Dualsense (PS5 gamepad) support on PC with GOG launcher
If you run the game through steam as a non-steam game maybe the dualsense will work.
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The most annoying bug for me now is the IA. Suddenly the IA just turn off...happening more than it 'should'. By the other side, when they work as they should, they are pretty smart. Right now i faced a cyberpsycho Moxe where i tried to jump in a high ground where she could not reach, instead of just walking around me, she made use of her pistol to shot me. But still, IA needs some work too.
Have a issue about jewellery being auto dismantled in junk its 750 eddy per piece of jewellery and should be under it's own category of Valuables not in junk please fix this. Also I live in a rural location where we are limited to 300gb a month from at&t uverse at this point I have literally went through almost 200gb on your game alone at this point it's almost not worth the cost of overcharges and or effort to try to continue playing your game at over 26 blue screen/crashes also we have no other ISP that exist out near me so I'm damned if I do or damned if I don't. Another thing when dismantling items it resets my cursor location from bottom to top WE NEED A SELECT EACH PIECE INDIVIDUALLY THEN DISMANTLE OPTION I'm certain everyone and their cyborg grannies would approve. Another thing is all clothing is clipped through needs to be smoothed out or upscale size if clothing to perform properly the militech suit show my armpits and shoulders ect you get the picture. Driving need to be fine tuned as trying to steer is unresponsive at times and feels stiff like a morning wood. Another thing have your quicksaves overwrite a quicksave rather than creating 500 quicksaves I'm pretty sure all we need is one quicksave file one manual save file to overwrite, now for those save scummers I'm sure multiple manual saves should do the trick. Another thing I noticed is when you kill enemies or blow shit up it stays persistent in the world, first day I killed a group of tygers and blew their bikes the fuck up, 12 hours later I happened to roll by the original location and noticed the remnants of my endeavours from 12 hours ago lying dormant for who the fuck knows to see I'm pretty sure this type of stuff may be putting more strain on your game and causing more backend issues and should prioritize removal of said destruction and chaos after leaving the vicinity or turning the game off resetting it in the process or removing it after you've encountered it for the first time that way all the things we do in game doesn't lay around burning or lingering around for the whole time causing more issues to compile. Another thing is double jump should be able to be activated upon decent not just ascents to avoid dying from falls of extreme heights it's a game and would give more exploration options and fun to just exploring your world and flatlining should be similar to gta in that we don't need to reload but rather respawn around said area, unless ofcourse on a mission where dying can have you reload a checkpoint. It would make the replayability better in open world environment rather mission based segments. Other than some more issues like my settings getting reset after every blue screen is pretty annoying albeit I'm getting blue screened/crashing already I should not need to redo my setting on top of that i vfc already memorized my entire settings options due to the 26 crashes/blue screens I've got PTSD now cause of it happening so many damn times. Hit markers on monowire are vaguely weird seems to not register/show per hit detail on environments melee attacks also bug out after mantling cannot use weapon after doing this need to hit touch pad or option to register that I have my weapons pulled out via momowire. That's most of my gripes and still love your game keep up the good work and hope to see these thing fleshed out soon your friendly deadly neighborhood cyberpunk.
I cant even start the game now after latest update!! I click play in the CP2077 launcher and it straight away flat lines :( Ive got over 11 hours of crash free playing and been loving it but this morning after this update it flatlines at the click of the play button ! Ive sent 5 reports .
There are still more bugs than I have seen in a VERY long time. Releasing a game in this state after charging full price for it is pretty questionable. I have no idea who was doing the quality control but they failed miserably. Don't get me wrong, it's got tons of potential but it's incredibly inappropriate to allow this game to be released in this state without at least warning people about the amount of glitches and bugs that are MORE than obviously present. If the game wasn't finished then why not place an "early release" warning on it??? Kinda shady advertising, no?
i dont know what you are playing at - my rig a r7 1800x . a 1050ti and 16gb ram -- and only one little grafics glitch (a glass half trough a table ) so far , playing on high settings ....
the start of spellforce 3 - this was a mess
people used to bitching on high niveau these days....
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