"I walk the line" mission soft locked - Phantom Liberty

I am trying to complete the quest I walk the line, but after siding with Bryce and leaving the room, I receive a call from Placide and V just says "we'll talk later" and hangs up. After that, mission objective changes to "Talk to Placide" and there's no marker on the map. I reach the car where the VooDoo Boys are waiting, they don't say a thing nor they let me get in the car to take me to Placide. The game also doesn't let me use the phone in any way. Walking to the hotel to where Placide should be waiting, the door is closed and he's not inside.

After some testing, game gets soft locked only if you side with NetWatch. Completing the VooDoo Boys' request works as it should. My guess is that it has to do with Placide's phone call since there's no call on the other route. I can't figure out what causes the call to be put on hold nor why V doesn't call again.

Hope it gets fixed soon, I don't really feel well being forced to make specific choice because the one I want doesn't work.

Update: I managed to fix the issue by interacting with a joytoy at Jig-Jig street. It seems that triggering a scene transition/change fixes the problem.
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