Judy questline bugged. Game won't trigger Pisces quest, next of Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution [Judy Questline SPOILER]

OK. I saw this is a problem since the release, and I'm having for the first time. After V, Judy, Maiko and dolls make the plan in Judy's place, Judy says she'd call back. I started Phantom Liberty DLC and passed prologue, and many other things but the game never started the quest Pisces.
Luckily, I had a manual save right before talking about a revolution quest. I loaded back and tried few times, and no luck, the quest never started again...
So I have 2 save files. One around 43 hours gameplay, my current save, (which I noticed that Judy quest never triggered) so I loaded back to my 32 hours gameplay save. But still no quest trigger after doing it again at all...
I have some mods and I'm playing the latest version of the game.
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