Leg Cyberware in 2.0

Which leg cyberware would you guys recommend in 2.0?

I always had the feeling, previously, you were somewhat being forced into picking one of the 2 jump legware. Mainly because a lot of unique or rare items were hidden in places you cannot access without them. So if you'd pick something else in the leg slot, you'd miss out on equipment.

I startet a new play through with 2.0 - and I am doing a purely sneaky V this time. So from a lore point of view, it would make sense for her to choose Lynx Paws. But I do wonder if it remained that you basically lock yourself out of cool gear if you skip the extra jump. And yes, I am aware I could simply buy both and just switch depending on the task at hand. But I don't really want to constantly backtrack to my favorite ripper doc to exchange cyberware to retrieve one item just to switch back for my next side job. And repeat that over and over again.

Does anyone has any insights or recommendations?
Unlike Reinforced Tendons's double jump, all other cyberlegs are in some way made redundant through the skill tree/passives/hacks.

I only play as a Netrunner so I always go with Reinforced Tendons double-jump because the utility of it is simply far too precious for me both as a Night City explorer and a stealth Netrunner. But honestly I do not see any situation where I would ever use anything other than them even if I did play other playstyles;
  • Lynx Paws are redundant because of COOL's middle skill tree allowing you to sprint while crouched and/or Sonic Shock quickhack which deafens enemies allowing you to literally sprint behind them without them hearing it.
  • Fortified Ankles used to be a nice alternative due to hover and charge jump, but hovering has been cut from the game so charge jump alone I don't really find valuable in comparison to double jump which can literally save your life when falling.
  • The expansion cyberlegs which increase movement speed are far in the ACT II, useful if you want more movement speed to zoom and dash around the place... but once again... utility over anything else. And there are so many perks which increase movement speed already.
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