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Let's lay down a list of what was promised to us but it was found missing from the game.

Please let this gain some traction - we must be organized if we want to provoke an answer from the dev team.

- AMAZING AI that directs enemies during combat/patrol but also citizens and npcs' daily life ( )

- wanted system and corrupt police (

-Immersive police involvment changing with the area where you commited the crime (

- in general, way more interesting combat and hacking (
). Some examples are the ability to use your wire to hack people (
), hacking reveales information about the network, more interesting viruses to upload, more loot from hacked devices.

- more interesting gameplay, for example: trauma team that plays a key role, freequent flying avs, ads that target the player point to the merchant that sells that product, merch could be pre-viewed before purchase (Source:
) NOTE: this section is by far the most oversimplied one. There are a number of minute key things I am not stating in this thread because I don't want to dilute it too much.

- Strong RPG elements (

- NPC unique daily routine and AI (

- Quest decisions will have relevance in the world (

- Meaningful day and night cycle (right now it's just cosmetic and doesn't impact the gameplay): Exploring Cyberpunk's Night City with CD Projekt Red - Cyberpunk 2077 - Gamereactor

- Incredible character customization during creation / in-game ( and

- Use of drones for more than just some missions in the game (

- three different lifepaths and more that would actually have more impact than what we are getting now (Wall running and metro system are not the biggest thing to be cut out from the game. Its the plot : cyberpunkgame (

- to add on the previous point, lifepaths leading to non-linear quest design (

- Nanowire and gorilla arms have a lot of different uses that are still in the description of the item (

- Runs very well on last gen consoles (source NOT needed)

- The game will launch when it's ready (source NOT needed)

- Variety of braindances instead of it being just few cutscenes (can't find reference, please link)(so far videos like this point that braindance is a cool mechanic but they never said we'd be able to purchase and use the braindances on our devices and all. I don't feel this is a broken promise, rather an aspect of the game that we would love to have had implemented).

- Challenging weather system that would pose a threat to your survival (

- At time of writing I haven't finished the game. However sources say there are very very few options for ONS and/or deep romances (this article summarizes what was expected

Features that were initially promised but later they announced to have been removed:

- Properties purchase and customization options (

- Transportation system (Promised but then removed

- Scaling walls (

- Vehicle customization (
This should be sticky. We are promised prelaunch with these features that guarantees the most immersive and deep game ever. Now what we have outside of the main storyline is the worst open world game.
Bizarrely enough some of these stuff were shown in earlier gameplay trailers.

I could not read the whole post but in case some of the below are not there:

We had a trailer like fashion over function in which was shown all the great chrome bodies, different cybernetic looks etc. and none of them are available for the player.

In the vehicles trailer we were told that luxury/hyper cars will take us to places we have never imagined before. I'm still at the city same center with npcs crouching around me...

Lifepaths only effect the first 15 mins. or so. Nothing drastic about them.

Street cred wont let you have anything other than high stat weapon purchases. Or factions have no neural intelligence like if u kill lots of members of X faction they will hunt you down on sight etc. Come on this was in 10 year old games.

CDPR if u re hiding these feature somewhere to polish and publish at some time at least say it sincerely. The issue is not the bugs or glitches or nudity alone. The immersive open world fundamentals that we are promised are not there. None of them.
Immersive and Interactive shops/ Bars/ Restaurants etc. For instance, if I want to have a drink at a bar, let me sit down and order something! Not just directly buy the same unrelated drinks at every other bar and place it onto my inventory. Maybe let me chat something with the bartender while I have that drink. This is not even the case for the most prominent bars like Afterlife and Lizzie's Bar unless provoked by the story.

Also, some shops seem to sell nothing what they look like. Like there's a shop selling drugs and medicines but the outlook of the shop tells me its a furniture shop.

The clothing shops are AWFUL. Let me preview what I'm wearing maybe in a dressing room or something like how GTA has been doing it for almost a decade now!

The buying system in general is so Basic, you buy something at any shop it just goes to your inventory, no buying dialogue or anything, Skyrim implemented a better one like 10 years back.

Here is a list I compiled, please do comment and like so they can see these issues. Thanks!


I love the game! Thank you so much for a great game CDPR! However, these are my concerns and suggestions about the game although I am satisfied with how Nudity is right now, It is included as it is very high in demand. Hope they are fixed or added. Just because I am stating these does not mean that there are no aspects of the game I love. There are many in fact.

These are a list of features I have noticed and in my opinion need some working to do upon or to be added as was either promised or expected by me. If anyone can add on any features to the thread I will do my best to compile them into this one.
It is important that these suggestions go to the CDPR team and needs to be in a concise location so they can easily access and work upon or even take notice. Let me start.

Optimization is Obviously a huge concern and I know it has been stated enough so I have omitted most aspects of it.

Features I would like to be added or improved upon

Character Customization
  • You can never have TOO MUCH of character creation. Need more CDPR, Give us body height, weight, shape, hairstyles, eyes, face shapes etc.
  • More Clothes and styling. Night City was advertised was a City where your looks are the most important and how it mattered to every choice you make.
  • Where are all the Saloons/ Cosmetic Surgeons or Ripperdocs/ Nail and Hairdressers? In game character customization is close to zero.
  • A way to preview clothes before you buy them from shops! I'm not asking to copy the GTA mechanic of buying clothes but perhaps a thought to be considered? Maybe like an interactive dressing room. The way we buy clothes right now is so Basic and games have been implementing it since a decade like Skyrim.
  • Hide Clothing option for people who want the stats on the clothing but don't want the clothes to show, especially with hats and facewear.
  • Transmog : Changing clothes style with different stats. Or even upgrading their stats without changing the look and vice versa. This is a must in 2020 rpg gaming imo.
  • Ability to Dye Clothes and change colors.
  • Cyberware mod or just a flashlight to see better in darker areas! I change gamma way too often.
  • A well thought out system for combat and looks going hand in hand for reference is below

  • This is probably the most disappointing aspect of the game for most who wanted immersion. The AI is no where up to par in my opinions. Probably needs a huge overhaul.
  • Police AI is hideous, they just spawn on the player.​
  • Traffic AI is not very immersive. Honking cars seems to work like its supposed to but its too basic. The cars just get stuck by themselves and do nothing but just stay on the street.​
  • I really thought NPC AI would come to me and call me a "Joytoy" or "Sl*t" if I walked around naked. But that does not seem to be the case, at least that's what I gathered from the advertising, I could have misunderstood, still a cool feature maybe. These kind of AI interactions make it "next gen gaming".
  • The more I play the game, the more I find the AI dumber. In the starting I saw the same NPC probably twice. But now 50 hours in, I have seen instances where two exact copies of NPC are beside each other with synced actions.

Shops and Bars : More interactive looking and functioning shops.
  • As stated before more shops : Barber shops/ Cosmetics/ Furniture Shops/ Exclusive gun shops like only snipers/pistols/katanas type.
  • Also I noticed, MOST of the cool looking shops are closed lol, as in non interactable, please open them.
  • If I could actually Interact with the Bartender and have a Drink cinematic scene instead of just buying from the store and getting it into my inventory. Maybe have a dialogue with the bartender etc.
  • Same as the Last Point but with Restaurants, Shops, Bars, etc would be nice.
  • Ripperdocs : Installing Cyberware and Cybernetic parts is so underwhelming. The first scene is very immersive with Viktor, but then its so damn flat. Need at least an explanatory dialogue about the implant and or a conversation with the ripperdoc before getting the implant to ease into it. You can not just make it buy and install like any other market mechanic and expect it to be immersive or satisfying.

Better Home Interaction! I might be saying some points which might already have been implemented here and maybe I just haven't discovered during my play.
  • A way to Add furniture.
  • Expansion of house.
  • More home services like adding a selling machine, Teleport station, Cybernetic upgrades, Mini Bar, etc.
  • Vehicle Garage?
  • Pets! They don't need to be of living kind, they can be Mecha bots or something similar.

Romance : More Romance Options. All Gender compatibility. NPC Romance.
  • Too little options as of now. Enough Said.

Public and Private Transport
  • Metro System.
  • AV / Basilisk (flying car) system for transport would be cool.
  • Cars feel like they have no gravity or downward force. No heaviness leading to janky driving feel.
  • Adjustable Seat Height In first person PLEASE! I love driving in first person for the immersion but in some cars I can not even see what's in front of the car in first person.
  • This might be a bit too much to ask for in the early stages but flying vehicles (AVs) which we can control like how we can control a car for sure.
  • Better Driving physics, the drifting of a car seems very janky to me.
  • Expensive vehicles should be better in at least some aspect i.e. Looks / Performance Stats etc.

  • Censorship of the genitals should be removed. The boxers should be gone even when in FPP view or looking in the mirror or taking a shower. At least in home instance.

Miscellaneous and Bugs
  • FOV changes automatically sometimes.
  • Countering Strong attacks or "Defensive attacks" audio is very rough and glitched.
  • Pinging (Ping quickhack) in some areas generates too many particles and crashes the game and even many computers. //Update this with the location//
  • You can not run after a quick combo in combat and are stuck with walking until you restart the game or do a "Joytoy scene".
  • Do not Disturb mode and Decline Calls and Messages in game.
  • General feet going through ground and glitching out. Enemies dying and getting stuck in objects. Running over NPCS can sometimes can cause them to be stuck in you and throw the car in different directions and screw up the physics, etc.
  • Add an Interface for selecting different load games; a Character Selection Screen. I am playing 3 different lifepaths without wanting to delete any character and every time I have to go to the load game menu and squint my eyes to find where "Nomad" "Corpo" or "Street Kid" are written. Why not have a Character selection screen which acts the same as Load game screen.
  • Fix the speed acceleration or friction on game objects such as fences, rails, side paths, barbed wire etc. Jumping and running on them accelerated me to unbelievable amount of speeds.
  • Bunny Hops or constant jumping while doing a combination of aiming your gun and scanning with TAB are broken. You travel faster than a jet.
  • Double tap of WSAD to dodge should be remapped for default settings.
  • Pressing C to skip dialogues and C to crouch is very irritating, so this should be switched to default too.
  • Ability to Decline Calls which are not related to story progressions. These calls tend to completely disrupt the current activity especially when my character is already in a dialogue sequence.
  • Weapons Inventory UI is very bad, there is a better mockup here by the user @Pythonx7 which I have attached below to the forum post. Also fix the bugs which refresh the page on disassembly of guns.

These are the prime concerns and suggestions at the top of my head. Again, these are all features which should be added in my opinion, and from the general observable majority of the players. But If Night City is going to be the City of Next Gen Gaming, then these are fair suggestions imo.

PS: I tried my best trying to edit and beautify the post. Sorry if I did a bad job with it, first post. Tell me what I can edit and improve and I WILL do ASAP!.
Thanks :D
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Oh boy the list is huge :) I like the game, like it very much, but this even more disappointing to understand that all this should have be here from the start...
I have found truly remarkable details like Panam "chit chat " to NPC in camp. Like she tune car seat to herself... an many more but the same time, almost no AI, no believable crowd behavior, no "normal" police behavior and that list goes on and on.
someone find the part where the dev says "Cyberpunk 2077 is first and foremost, an RPG"

I like that one i really like that one for some reason. cant put my finger on why

EDIT: Found it “How I would sort of summarise this is… I think people tend to forget that […] this game is an RPG first and foremost. - Miles Tost, Senior level Designer
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What's odd it feels like some of the missing content was already there at some point, as evident by trailers (unless these were fabricated to look like gameplay), but was in a way "Ctrl + X'd' out of the game before release.

But that's just how if feels for me playing the game. The big one is all of the cars the NPCs drive have variations, solar panels, bonnet mods, wires from engine to rear of car and paint patterns as if these were the things you could add to your own but then said car customising is cut from the game. Also anyone worked out how to throw their guns like in the opening scene in the menu? Or is this another missing mechanic?
I just wanted to open a new thread with a similar list. I'll post it here instead. this is what I've got so far. I'll edit the double entries after posting:

Character creation:
  • Body type (not just female/male) Take this with a pinch of salt because there are no images or other material, just the reveal video.
  • Tattoo location. This assumes that you can create your own style of body art, not just premade skins.
  • Color and glow of tattoos.

  • Shoot through wall/destroy the wall to kill your enemy not possible.
  • Slowtime/Bullettime with drugs (only activatable with cybertech now)
  • Companions picking up weapons from defeated enemies.
  • Alternate firemodes of guns.
  • Boss fight with Royce in one of the early main missions.
  • Companions provide cover from enemy fires
  • shooting off limbs with heavy weapons. (I've noticed that you can cut off limbs with a katana, mantis or blade, haven't managed to do this with a firearm yet).
  • destroying windows by shooting at it It's possible to destroy SOME windows.
  • Infos about range, spread and recoil of weapons
  • No destructible objects (just texture changes but no actual damage like wholes on walls, pillars, etc.) except clutter, bottles etc.

  • Third person cutscenes were cut. No conversion into first person cutscenes.
  • Takedown animation in front of a container (Take down enemy and shoot him underwater and hide the body in one smooth action). This follows with the possibility to look into these containers. Now they're closed.
  • Miscellaneous animations of random NPC's. (For example: people carrying something, examine products before buying etc.)

Gameplay features:
  • No BD's outside of the main missions.
  • The possibility to call over people into your apartment to get a little more... intimate.
  • Random encounters while travelling in NC
  • Inspection system: take a closer look on quest items to help you solving quests.

  • Headsup display on front windshield
  • No suicide doors.

  • People in video calls have a real background, simulating a real video call, instead they're in front of a black background
  • A heads up display on the window in V's Appartement with miscellaneous controls and information about weather etc.
  • Open doors via control panel rather than open them by activating the door directly.
  • Victors animations and vendor UI when ordering new tech.

  • People sparring in the gym area near V's Appartement
  • Actual cans when you order a beverage on a vending machine
  • Multiple levels when using the control panel in elevators (this assumes that the buildings should have more than just 2 levels initially).
  • The view while using the elevator (for example the highway above the city with actual traffic).

  • No actual dynamic weather changes. This could be a bug. They seem to occur on quick travelling or loading a save (and of course scripted in a mission).

Wild assumptions and speculations:
  • Nudity and adult content completely cut (still possible to define your genital in character creation and inventory though).
  • No actual reflections of V on surfaces and mirrors (probably due technical limitations).
  • No customizations of V's appearance after character creation. Probably something went wrong during development and/or technical limitations. There's no way that CDPR wouldn't add at least a barber shop or tattoo shop in a world where you can literally do anything with your body.
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It's obvious what happened. Another mismanaged game where studio heads and developers have no idea what anyone is doing, resulting in nothing actually getting done and then investors start sending angry emails so they are forced to just nuke everything that's not mission-critical.

Seriously, the moment you stop doing the main story and side missions you might as well be in the Sahara desert. There is NOTHING.
Finally a thread that shows the real problem of the game. Not the bugs or graphic downgrades or fps drops. But the fact half the content we were promised just isnt there. And all we get is updates for the bugs. Why is nobody talking about the features that are missing. Like atleast give a statement that you know stuff is missing and if it will be added or not
Finally a thread that shows the real problem of the game. Not the bugs or graphic downgrades or fps drops. But the fact half the content we were promised just isnt there. And all we get is updates for the bugs. Why is nobody talking about the features that are missing. Like atleast give a statement that you know stuff is missing and if it will be added or not
Trust me bro there is plenty of them on here and on the official Reddit.
Heres another one for you.
The first time i went to the "sex district" I saw a male stripper dancing behind a glass...

...dressed like a bloody businessman!!!

At first i laught but right after i was just disapponted...
I laughed so much after reading your comment because I saw and reacted the same way!
I was like why is that businessman dancing in a strip joint window?

I really enjoy these posts and I hope that their team reads these comments.

I honestly think they spent the last 8 years designing the city which has blown me away.
The detail is unbelievable and I love walking into places and seeing the respective gang members hanging around.
But yeah that's it. Besides the story and side missions there is nothing else to do.
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