Mizutani MZ1 Cabrio


Add Mizutani MZ1 Cabrio to Autofixer?

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Dear CP77-Dev's,

We know that the game is almost finished and all your official job for now is to fix the issues the game has... but on the other hand you gave us hope that you also will add some little new things if you have the time for like the colorization of the Rayfields. From the beginning of the Game, there is a Fan Base for a car we just can find in the world randomly.

Pictures often says more than 1000 words... so please add the MZ1 Cabrio to Autofixer, I think Muamar "El Capitán" Reyes also will give these Thumbs up.

Thank you and also thanks to everyone is supporting the poll. <3


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Oh definitely, I found this version randomly in some backstreet garage tied to a random 6th Street event and really loved driving it for a short while before having to abandon it.

Would be nice if there were more vehicle variants added to Autofixer.
Love this car. If you are on PC, you can use the Vehicle Customizer mod to turn the vanilla Mizutani MZ1 that you can buy into the Targa version
I know that there is a Mod but also there is even that risk of the startup corruption as more mods you will use... well what I mean this just a little adjustment to the Autofixer shop maybe the Dev's will find the time for this and make us happy in this point, I mean ppl. asked for adding this car to the shop for years. And now the colorization of the Rayfields gives us some hope we got finally heard.
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