Bug Report: Autofixer and Upgrade Crafting

I noticed several bugs.
In Auto Fixer when buying vehicles. When I do the vehicle missions for Muamar "El Capitán" Reyes, he rewards you with high tier loot and Autofixer’s Discount Shards toward purchasing of vehicles in Autofixer. I purchased several vehicles so far but one of them Quadra Type-66 "WINGATE" never appeared in my collection.

Upgrade Crafting:
Best way I can describe this is by showing a picture I took of my screen. The upgrade is actually a downgrade. If I were to upgrade this gun it will cost less, have less damage and go from Tier 5+ to 5.
2023-10-21 03.33.41-1.jpg
After waiting 24 days, CDPR replied to my support ticket last night:
"Please update the game to the latest version and let me know in case the issue still occurs. "
I am speechless. Only Microsoft tops CDPR in the uselessness of their support department.
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