More Vendors

Why not have a few more vendor types that can change things – like ‘Skin Docs’ who can remove or add new tattoos and piercings, add or remove scars, allow you to become fatter, thinner, more buff or even have giant silicon implants?? Maybe even get a sex change?

Other vendors could include :-

Drug Dealers – where you can get substances than can aid, or impede certain abilities. EG - you could have a massively boosted ‘cool’ rating temporally as you swagger about under the influence but have a reduced intelligence too until a drug wears off. You get mega-stamina from a type of 'speed' but when it wears-off you're exhausted and have less stamina temporarily.

Teachers and Mentors – who can give lessons and allow you to gain and improve certain skills if you pay them to teach you.

Priests and Scholars – find religion, collect religious items and hand them in for hidden quests and rewards, perhaps unlock hidden missions involving weird cults or religious extremists?

Garage Mechanics – improve and modify your owned vehicles. Perhaps allow you to bring stolen vehicles here and sell them for a profit?

Gamblers – place bets and gamble your ‘eddies’ with these shady types with the possibility of making a fortune or of losing it all and having people after you to harvest your organs if you get into debt?!
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