The Ideal Cyberpunk

Hello! So I'm new on this forum and tbh I only joined to tell you guys what the next Cyberpunk game needs
to have since I think it's pretty important


Yes, in the game there are many ways to earn money, but I personally don't really know what to spend it on,
and since I don't have ways to spend money, I don't want to really make more money.
Being able to enjoy your wealth and feel like you did it is something the game needs to have!

What to add:
I have a few ideas for stuff to buy so you can actually feel rich

-Estate: It could range from "normal" houses to mansions with garages where you can store your vehicles
-Bodyguards: People that help you fight enemies and protect you
-More Vehicles: Including the expensive brands like Rayfield
-Yachts: May sound a bit crazy but imagine living on a huge yacht
-Flying Vehicles: Helicopters, Hovercrafts etc
-Personal Robots: A pretty small idea but imagine buying a robot for your mansion that you can costumize, or imagine Joi from Blade Runner in your house!


The things I named are surely pretty expensive, so there should be new ways to earn money, one idea is
heists. In the world of Cyberpunk they would be very hard and require plannin, but they give lots of money maybe millions!
Millions wouldn't be too crazy since you would be able to buy yachts, some could cost tens of millions!


One important element that I would love in the next game is a new way of how you choose your "path"
Instead of selecting it, you would choose it later in the game by completing special missions where you need to betray A or B
in order to pick path A or B.

As for the corpo path, I would love if there was a way to own a business, maybe at first a small one that could become a huge
megacorporation or you kill a owner of a corporation and somehow become owner of it.
Each path should have something cool with it, if you can own a corporation in the corpo path, why not be able to
own a autoshop in a different path. Maybe there is a way to take both paths idk..
Another good thing to add across all platforms is akimbo that way you can properly honour Jackie by using both La Chingona Dorada pistols & customisable cybernetic prosthetics which will make the game feel more immersive (at least to me)
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