Observations about SOR-22 precision rifle and Tamayura pistol

I play corpo stealthy netrunner so I opted for new and modern Genjiroh, and an old-fashioned Arasaka Tamayura both for roleplaying purposes, along with Arasaka cyberdeck. I was looking for a third gun to complement stealthy netrunner build.

I fitted T5 Tamayura with T5 short scope Kanetsugu and T5 XC-10 Cetus silencer. One mod slot was filled with T5 Parallax and spent 1 skill point in Killer Instict

Genjiroh just got upgraded to T5++ and thats all it can be done with it.

Tamayura was great for stealth close combat, and Genjiroh for situations when things get heated, but both pistols use exactly same ammo type, which is an disadvantage, so I was looking for third weapon. Both ARs by Arasaka, Nowaki and Masamune are simply not for me, even when they can be used with wide range of scopes and silencers. Sniper rifles were not universal enough, since I expected harder bossfights.

After patch I noticed that Achilles cannot be fitted with a scope, even when its great for medium range, so in general I was looking for something with high firepower per shot, which can be used for sniping, but its usable for medium and close range too. So I opted for SOR-22.

Reasons are various, I wanted to have sniper-like range even in situations when my cyberware will be limited, and SOR-22 allows usage of various short and long scopes. I settled for SO-21 Saika because its really unobtrusive when aiming.

Notes SOR-22 vs Tamayura
- SOR-22 its supposed to be a heavy weapon. That means it should slow the user and limit jump height. At least according to this:

Apparently this limitation has been removed for balancing.

-Now for comparison with Tamayura
Build with 20 cool, Focus 2/2, Deadeye 3/3, Long Shot, Nerves of Tungsten Steel, and Killer Instinct.
Tier 5++ Sor-22 with 151 damage, and Tier 5 SO-21 Saika scope deals around 1100 damage per critical headshot.

Take Tier 5 Tamayura, use scope Kanetsugu, XC-10 Cetus silencer and Parallax T5 mod, but keep only Killer Instict perk.
The gun deals over 1400-1600 dmg in critical headshots, ofc while in stealth.

This is mainly because Sor-22 cannot benefit from Killer Instict, and Parallax removes Sway and Drop off at long range, so a pistol can be used as a silenced (!!!) sniper rifle.

- its not useful to have Pax T5 installed, because to stay out of combat with SOR-22 you have to be more than 50m away when shooting, and if its not headshot-kill you will get spotted. With it you will get near to the dmg of Tamayura...

- The clear difference shows up when there is combat out of stealth, then SOR-22 still delivers 950-1100 dmg per critical headshot, while Tamayura drops to 450.
- Also Tamayura with silencer, scope and Mod delivers higher headshot damage, than a precision rifle with clearly different ammunition (Pistol ammo vs Heavy ammo). To have similar stats as this silenced gun, you need additional 6 perk points. Even when using the pistol will eventually cause Stamina to deplete, its still not a problem to stop aiming.
- There is only one sniper rifle which takes bonus from the silencer - its the iconic Overwatch, but still you have to be quite far away to not be spotted while shooting with it.
- Both Tamayura and SOR-22 have 25% armor penetration... simply feels odd even when Tamayura T5 deals 88 dmg when silenced and SOR-22 T5++ deals 151.

Some conclusions:
a) I am not sure what is working as intended, because stealth damage of this pistol is really high for combination which is available at the shops + 1 single perk point, or the damage from Tier 5++ SOR-22 is quite low. 5++ cannot be crafted, drops quite rarely and usually with filled mod slots, and succesfull build needs 20 points in cool and 6 perk points at least.

b) There are just 3 precision rifles
SOR-22, Achilles and Hypercritical. Only one of them allows usage of scopes, which is kinda disappointing, because only one of them can be used in long-distance shooting.

c) I would suggest SOR-22 to have increased armor penetration from 25% to 50 or 75%
Mainly to distinguish it from pistols, SMGs and even ARs. Yes, this can be addressed by Swiss cheese mod.

d) Headshot damage multiplier to be increased from 150% to 175 or 200%.
DPS output seems to be fine, headshots however... Some enemies survive 2-3 direct critical headshots, two-three level minibosses (eg. Barghest gunner). Kinda puzzling for supposed caliber and in comparison with silenced pistol (you guessed right, single hit). This however cannot be addressed with existing equipment in game.

Edit: Its fair to note that due cyberware my character has 75% bonus to Quickhack, 46.62% bonus to Stealth Damage and 12% bonus to headshots, when not counting weapon bonuses. Pistol with silencer is getting this bonus, weapons without it are not, even when I am using optical camo.

There is a way how to combo it with this rifle and thats Reboot Optics Quickhack.

e) No iconic
This means that Tier5++ variant is hard to get. Crafting ends up on Tier5 and for higher tiers you are limited to drops, and you have to be really lucky to have both mod slots empty.

f) Heavy weapon?
Maybe, there is a mod to mitigate the limitations associated with it.
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Wanna go stealth oneshotting everything in sight? All you need is Pride. Since 2.0 there is no stealth weapon which even come close - even without ANY point in Cool pride is superior over anything else ingame atm.
Wanna go stealth oneshotting everything in sight? All you need is Pride. Since 2.0 there is no stealth weapon which even come close - even without ANY point in Cool pride is superior over anything else ingame atm.
Mostly taking into consideration SOR-22 as a cool looking gun, which slightly underdelivers and Tamayura as an :eek:rdinary" pistol which overdelivers as hell :D

Went through my Cyberware and equipment.

I replaced BD Wreath (-10% Quickhack upload time) with Kang Tao Manganese Ocuset (0.15 zoom), and Tactical Balaclava (-7% Visibility to enemies) with Epoxy Ballistic Mask with Titanium Reinforced Visor (0.15 zoom), and took Militech Tactical vest (-8% Reload time).

Cyberware... Ballistic coprocesor is back, re-balanced armor with Para Bellum, replaced The Oracle with the Sentry Kiroshi (+1% to all damage)

Now I am at 20% Headshot multiplier without weapon, and 61% quickhack damage, -15.4 aim speed, -10.7 reload time...

Only few tweaks and its much better.
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