Weapon changes since 2.0, a couple so weak might as well throw them out

All weapons lost bonus elemental dmg, all tech weapons lost bonus full charge dmg.

The LMG, dmg and range is drastically nerfed. Lvl 60 Defender has the same dmg potential as a lvl 20 from pre-2.0 :/ Really, going from hitting with a couple rounds to kill to over a dozen if not 2 dozen. As well as the range going from comfortably hitting across a field to needing to be in near punching range, down from 40m to 20m. Down from hitting with a 200 base to a 20 base >< All ARs and SMGs deal more DPM even while using a silencer, that is just wrong.

Quazer, ouch was this thing hit hard. Base dmg down to 1/3, this is in addition to the blanket wide losses to dmg. Gone from hitting with a base 200 (base) +100 (elemental) x3 (full charge bonus) x3 (headshot multiplier) to a measly 40 (base) x2 (headshot). It now feels like what it's description says it fires, BBs.

All shotguns, range so gimped now (12m) you might as well punch things instead. Most hit so weak, not even a full clip kills ><. Hitting with shotguns should feel meaty, at least objects blowup as if you are.
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