Path Traced lighting and reflections not working properly in 2.1 PLEASE FIX

To preface i'm running a 4080, 5800x3D, 32gb of 6000mhz ram installed on an m.2 SSD running at 4kdlss quality. No mods.

I've tried many different ways to fix this, turning off dlss, lowering resolution, rolling back to several different drivers and nothing has fixed this issue aside from rolling my game back to a previous patch. SOMETHING in 2.1 has broken path traced reflections and lighting.

I've found videos made by others that are having the same issues as me.

bounce lighting gone or severely reduced

Object shadows not working properly

There is a mod on nexus that 'fixes' the reflections but I would really love to just have them fixed by an official patch.

Is anyone else having these issues on here? I hope CDPR are aware of it!
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