Performance are worse than ever after patch 1.2

I am straight up crashing 5 mins into the game xD Don't have time to complain about performance, although I can agree I am getting lesser frames than what I used to. I have above recommended requirements.
I roamed around for about 45 minutes after patch 1.2. There are still no NPCs and the city still looks like a ghost town. The street signs are not rendering anymore and doors are also not letting me in until they pop in 5 seconds later with me standing right in front of them. I play on Playstation and never had these problems before this patch. I know objects in the distance wont look as great on this console but I never had it where I am looking right at something like my apartment door and have to wait for it load so I can get in.
same here
im also facing a bug with freesync but i cant post it because of the 10 post new account barrier
which is absolutely stupid
Let console players disable screen space reflection, this option kills performance even on the PC, and it will end up with "grainy effects" that the game has on the roads.

Let's get this to a developer, I'm sure it would save the performance of the consoles

After 1.2 game performance are worse than how much were bad before. I'm getting 39-45 FPS when i'm in the city, before patch i had 45-55.

I play at 1440p with DLSS auto and RTX Psycho.

Well, they "improved" the performance, as it runs much smoother by decreasing the visibility range..... *facepalm*
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