Photo Mode images look bad now

I used to be able to generate some truly amazing images with photo mode, but after having not played for a while, I came back to find that the images photo mode is outputting look much worse than they used to be. The images all look very soft and low res. I've played around with resolution and DLSS settings, shot inside and outside and nothing seems to do any good. The image sizes also seem smaller than they used to be. Current photo mode images are averaging about 2.6MB. I verified the game files and everything seems to be in order. I'm running the game at 1440p with the highest settings available. Any ideas?
That's around the file size I get at 1080p. I had a frame rate issue just several hours ago after doing a Microsoft Windows 10 update, updating the driver through nVidea's GeForce Experience afterward fixed it. So maybe a Microsoft update replaced your video drivers with "better" ones that need to be replaced - stranger things have happened.

Here's a gratuitous screenshot:

Great shot. I'll make sure my Nvidia drivers are squared away. The difference between the images I was getting before and the ones that it's giving me now are stark.

Thanks for the response.
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For the sake of comparison, here's a shot I grabbed before the issue versus one from after. The new photos are so washed out and soft and smaller in size than the ones I got before.
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Nevermind, it won't let me attach the old shot. I'm guessing file size? Like I said though, the difference in sharpness and clarity and size is dramatic.
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Updated graphics drivers to current but no dice. Images are still coming out lower quality.
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I took a screencap of the old photos, and even doing that, you can see the difference in quality between the new shots and the old.


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I used the mod AMM to spawn spotlights for this shot, plus I adjusted the Field Of View to around 15 or 20.
The smaller the number, the closer it zooms in, and the more details you see on the subject.
AMM also allows you to keep the subject's head still, and only the eyes look at the camera.
Or you can have just the head turn towards the camera.
Mod Link: Appearance Menu Mod
It doesn't matter what resolution I play in, when I take a photo in photo mode, the images come out at what looks like 1080p. Before, the images were the game's res, the file sizes were larges, the images were full screen and now it's just garbage. I've been looking around for an answer, tried many potential solutions, reached out to CDPR and it's still awful. I may try uninstalling and reinstalling, but I'm thinking of just uninstalling and leaving it at that.
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