Please add a favorite system to the inventory

I have started a new playthrough after patch 2.0 and even bought the DLC. The game is so much better then when I first played it 3 years ago. The changes you all have made have improved Cyberpunk 2077 so much. It's unfortunate you guys are not going to make more content for it now that the game is actually a lot better.

I have a really important request for the game. It should hopefully be pretty simple to implement and I hope you please consider adding it to the game soon.

Please add a favorite system to the inventory. Just a toggle on each item in your inventory. Highlight it and press "F" for eg to favorite or unfavorite the item. The item would then be highlighted differently in the inventory (eg. a border around it). What this would do is prevent selling and dismantling of items that are marked as favorite. This should apply to all items in your inventory, but especially weapons (ranged and melee) and armor/clothing.

It's really troublesome and not very fun when selling and dismantling items to have to be really careful not to sell or dismantle a weapon or clothing you want to keep. You have to look if it's equipped (with the small blue line in the corner), you have to look if it's iconic by it's background color, and then on top of all that you have to remember it's name or something else unique about it when you start getting tier 5 loot for the ones that you want to keep but don't have equipped currently.

Please add this feature.
Thank you for your time.


Excellent idea. You have my vote. Ask a forum moderator to move this thread to SUGGESTIONS for consideration.
Can a moderator please move this to suggestions for consideration if that makes sense?

Please CD Project Red, add this to the game. I'm currently doing the phantom liberty main missions and would love to have this feature soon.

Yep, I'm on-board with this on. I accidentaly sold an iconic Grad sniper rifle and didn't discover this until I needed it. Still not sure how I did it, but now I really take my time before I sell or dismantle anything. No real worries on the Grad, it wasn't a named item and I had bought it but irritating non the less. I just waited until I found one (looted), I wasn't about to spend another 90K to get one.

Adding a 'favorite' feature would be much appreciated.
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