Can you please update existing car or add new car🙏🏻

CD Projekt Red.

I play on Xbox. Really love all the vehicles added to the game but was really bummed at the same time. Before they were added my favourite vehicle was the TYPE-66 “JAVELINA”. Was a big letdown when the new “WINGATE” came without missile capabilities. Could y’all please add missiles to the WINGATE? Or make a new one with guns and missiles? If you do…make it black, maybe with the Death tarot card emblem somewhere on it
I agree with this 100%! There is actually a really nice Shion convertible that V can find at a Police Scanner jobsite...get in and drive it around for a while until it evaporates. Occasionally other convertibles can be seen being driven by NPCs... It would surely be _nothing_ to add those cars to the Autofixer sale site.

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