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Recruit cost not visable

Why is the recruit cost not showing when I look at cards in my deck that have not been played yet?
Some cards on deploy play the highest or lowest recruit card from my deck, how can I work this out if it is not visable!
Who the hell play tested this game
Keep in mind that the "deck tracker" function was only added with this latest patch, so it has not gone through any changes.
In any case, I moved the thread to Suggestions, where it may get support from other players.
Why in the world would anyone want to know the provision cost in game? It makes sense in Keg opening, but doesn't make sense in game, right?
As explained by the OP, some card abilities look at the provision costs, e.g. Ihuarraquax.
RED Points: rrc
There are currently 2 cards that work with recruit cost. Ihuarraquax and Summoning Circle. The later is not even used that often because is hard to get any value out of the card.

And Ihuarraquax is not that hard to use even if the provision cost is not shown.

Personally i like the fact that the provision cost is not shown. Reason for this is because when you build your deck and include one of those cards you kind of know what card/cards you want to trigger with them and plan your deckbuilding acordingly.

And the new "see the cards left in the deck" option introduced recently helps allot.

This kind of mechanic requiers one to know his deck.
yeah honestly I can see the rare time a new player would like to see these but I'd rather not have the provision cost uglying up the art. If they do put it in please make it optional.