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Hi there!

I've recently gotten a computer powerful enough that it plays Cyberpunk generally like a champ. However, I've recently wanted to start diving into mods, and run into a bit of a hiccup. I'm trying to go into account management via redlauncher, and the option shows for that in the dropdown top left menu, but if I click it...nothing happens. No matter how long I wait, no matter how many clicks I give it, nothing changes! This is important for a lot of stuff (including setting up Redmod it seems from tutorials I've watched), but is completely inaccessible to me. Hoping to find if there's something I'm missing here before going into bug reports.

Specs I'm dealing with:
I'm playing through Steam (fully updated), which says Redmod is in my library and installed.
Computer is running Windows 10 Home 64-bit (fully updated).
All drivers are up to date
CPU is Intel Core i7-12700K
16gb RAM (plus 24GB virtual ram)
Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Stuff I've done so far:
Standard "Turn off and restart everything"
Standard "Make sure everything updated"
Standard "Make sure a firewall isn't blocking it"
Standard "Try uninstalling and reinstalling"
Nothing gave any change.

Anyways cheers, I'm really hoping I'm just being a dumbass and this is super easy to fix!
First thing that jumps into my mind is protected directories. If you've installed the game or the modding kit anywhere under Program Files or Program Files(x86), move the entire installation directory to the root of the drive or a folder of your own creation. Be sure that things like Steam, GOG, Epic, etc. are also installed this way. You can simply move the whole installation library to a new home, ensuring they're not under "Windows default" installation paths.
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