Remove Wanted Level From NCPD Scanners

Literally getting chased down by a 3 health bar leveled mini boss on 1 star from a scanner mission. Sorry someone accidentally died, maybe if CD Projekt fixed the shock from the “Ticking Time Bomb” perk to not kill civilians or something. What annoyed me is that I’m getting sniped from 200m out in the badlands also on 1 star. The amount of effort put into an unnecessary police system is quite comedic. Absolutely sweaty on very hard. Let’s not forget a cop on every corner of the city now, but for some reason there’s still all these NCPD scanner missions, even noticed some just walking right by. These missions are meant to help level up the character by providing a farming tactic, by any means necessary, so if a cop is going to walk past it, but come chase me down after I solve it for them essentially feels like a trap. After air dashing 300m away then returning, loot disappeared. Any thoughts on this?
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