RTX 4060 and RT/RR/FG/DLSS/Ghosting

I know 4060 is the worst of the 40' series card but it's the one I could afford. I've got a Ryzen 5 5600 and 32GB RAM. I was wondering on what settings other 4060 owners (if there are any) are playing on. In Night City, as of Phantom Liberty, I can get around 60FPS with FG/RT/RR and DLSS on balanced but in Dogtown it goes below 40 and is unplayable in combat. Also it seems to me like there is a lot more ghosting, on everything, much more than in the previous patch (although zWORMz had much less ghosting than I did
). I have the newest Nvidia drivers so I'm wondering if it might be something else that is causing so much ghosting.

- here's how it looks, mostly behind the car, on the side mirrors and on other cars.
Yea the ghosting is there for me to, its really bad now and sometimes its gone. Think its due to the RR or something since i almost only se it in some lights. Its less noticeble at higher fps too i think. only did limited testing so might be wrong.
Did you found a fix yet?

So I am playing at 1080p 60Hz with a RTX 4060 and Ryzen 5700X. Currently playing CP2077. However I am in pickle. I can run the game ultra without DLSS and FG and it runs great. However, the TAA is kinda ugly to me. I can also run it with DLSS which make it less jaggedy like TAA but then I get a lot of ghosting when cars a driving. What is the best thing to do or how do I fix the ghosting behinds cars?
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