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Season of the Warrior has started!

The frames need to be redrawn, or at least touched-up. All of them, except the Faction Challenge ones, before Homecoming. They don't look very, like "I wanna have that!", in my opinion.
I kinda like the King Eredin avatar, will it popup any time soon? because the last time, if i'm not wrong is about a year ago.
Man-At-Arms border & title are great, definately gonna be using that for a while. I love what the title represents, basically a Warrior, and I just prefer simple and plain borders. The Hero title is in my opinion the best title in the game but that one's out of my reach I'm afraid. Well, not everyone can be a hero.
Νot a single loss with Spygaard in Ranked (Rank 15) so far :) I adore this deck :p
Here's hoping for Bounty Hunter xD or even better, Veteran